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Whats tally software in accounting? Is it easy 2 use?

Can anyone use the tally software easily? or any course/training is required to use it?

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    Tally Software is easy to use and easy to learn. But as tally software is very vast and has many functions and features it needs to be learned . You should learn or not depends on your use of tally. If you are a businessman then you may not need to fully attend the classes and take proper exercise etc. You can buy the software or download educational version and do some practice with tally help files and slowly you would learn the basic features. How ever if you are a student and want to learn it to make career in accounting then you have no other option but to learn tally's full features and their usage. You can become Tally certified Professional (TCP) by attempting an online exam at any tally academy.

    As far as learning is concern you can best learn tally at any TallyAcademy in your town. Following Link provides list of Tally Academies.

    for more articles related to tally and how to use it you can visit tally blog at

    and subscribe its feed

    or can join tallyusers group at yahoo at

    Now if you are interested in learning the software then it depends

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    Tally Online Exam

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    QuickBooks Enterprise ... sounds like the type of software application you are looking for...and it comes with support so when you have a dilemma you get the assistance you need....

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