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Who would like to start a prayer chain for the two missing hikers?

I was thinking of starting a prayer chain for them and thought this might be a good place to start. I know it might be unlikely that they be found alive but it is CHRISTmas and Miracles do happen and I am hoping for one for there families this Christmas. Two families have lost two fathers this Christmas and I hate to see two more families grieve this way. I hope and pray that they be found alive and I am praying that the families find the strength to get through whatever happens. Please those who are religious or those who believe please pray with me. God Bless Everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Happy Holidays to Everyone


You are right PAGAN I did not mean to leave all the other people out who have lost loved ones. They all deserve our prayers and Gods love and strength. These two gentlemen were who I was thinking about at that moment.Let us all pray for all the lost souls of violent crimes and soldiers who have been lost. God Bless You Pagan for bringing that to light.

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  • Lives7
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    I with ya. God bless the families and the hikers, protect them, guide them and lead them home safely. Grant peace and love to their family members this holiday season.

    In Jesus name.


  • Sappho
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    I admire your good intentions, but it seems so strange to me to put so much energy into two people who have led mostly good lives when there is so much pain and suffering occuring every day all over the world. If the media pays attention to one or two (usually white) people, the nation is suddenly concerned for their wellbeing. Maybe if they sent a news crew over to Africa, and offered extensive coverage of the day-by-day struggle that so many people face, the Americans might start to help.

    Personally, I prefer to donate money to charities that focus on areas of greatest need (Christian Childrens Fund is a fantastic one) rather than follow the current media sensation. I also sponsor a child in Sri Lanka, because it is true that we human beings get a special sort of good feeling from helping a specific person.

    But you're doing more than most by even suggesting that people care. It's good to know that people at least have good intentions.

    A quote that I'm rather fond of from musician Anne Feeney: "Maybe if the Lebanese could disguise themselves as stem cells, the Americans would start to care."

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    Thousands more than just 2 families have lost fathers this holiday season. Why do only those 2 deserve your energy and attention? What about all the others?

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    Sounds like a very good idea, prayer changes things and often do get answered quickly.

    God richly bless u for having such a kind heart.

    Merry Christmas!

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  • tas211
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    I do not think that there is any hope for them. But I do think we need to pray for their families and ask God to give them his STRENGTH, his PEACE, and his LOVE during what must be a horribly difficult time for them.

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    You can include me in the chain. I'm glad to see a selfless act here in the Religion & Spirituality section. Usually it's just filled with bombast and hypocrisy.

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    I am with you, I have been praying for them and their families since the news told of it. It makes me cry, soo sad and soo un-necessary.

    I think those of us who know how prayer works have been in a prayer circle for them.

    God Bless your good heart!

  • Jo
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    Great Idea, I'm with you.

    Peace and love to you. Merry Christmas

  • Anonymous
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    i thought the 2 missing hikers were brothers to one of the dead ones, or related or something. i dont pray but i can still hope for them.

  • The rescue search has been called off and they are now calling it a "recovery effort."

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