Can I just move to Europe?

I was told that if you move to Europe in order to have employment it would have to be a transfer from the Sates.

Meaning I cannot just apply for a job and move.

Is this correct?

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    It is possible to do. The farther east you go the better chances you have, as well. But you need to have a job lined up before-hand. Anwhere in the EU you need to apply for your work visa outside of the country you're gong go, not inside. The idea is they want you to do it before you leave your home country.

    You could take a trip to where you want to go and check out the market. US citizens have 90 days in a EU country without needing a visa. Scope out the market, try to line something up and then go back home and do the paperwork and get everything in order.

    Moving overseas is a big deal, and there's more to it than just finding a job. Europe can be daunting for Americans (I know this... I'm an American and have lived in Europe for nearly 8 years now), especailly after the fist few weeks of "romance & excitment" wear off. Visit first and make sure you can handle living like the locals. If you can, you'll love it!

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    You can apply for a job with a company however the company that is going to hire you has to explain to the government why the need you and not a local. The government will then issue you a work permit. My experience is in Germany, the working permit had to be renewed every 3 years and the company has to explain again why you and not a local can do the job they have hired you for. You can work there being payed by the u.s. but if it's more than 6 months the company has to pay big bucks in taxes.

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    The company you're taking employment with is the best source of information, as they would be most familiar with local laws. If you don't have a job waiting, contact someone who lives there for information, and as a possible sponsor. Generally you need to get the host nation's permission to move in, and despite what the 'one Europe' folks will tell you the laws do vary from one place to another. Considering they took Johnny Depp and millions of unemployed Muslims, it can't be that hard to move to Europe.

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    Jobs within the E.U. must first be offered to European Citizens. If there is no suitable person for the position it can then be offered to a non European. A work permit would have to be issued be the E.U. member state.

    It is possible also for your company to transfer you to one of their European offices (if they have one over here).

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    Usually you can get a work Visa for up to 5 years, if you can find a position that is.

    The best way to immigrate is to find a local and marry them.

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