what about Samalia?

Now that Radical Islam has taken over Samalia, killing nuns, children, and people for so much as watching a soccer game, will it open the eyes of the democrats and the rest of the world as to how much danger these people actually are? They will NOT stop there folks.

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    The people of Somalia didn't want us there when we were protecting them and the aid workers from the warlords.

    Let the rest of the world take your message to the next level. If you no longer want the US to help you your fate is secure. For it is our (meaning the US and UK) sacrifices our "arrogance" (as the world calls it) that stands in the way of "killing nuns, children, and people for so much as watching a soccer game".

    October 3 1994. Remember that date.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that in Somalia right now they are busy killing themselves right now. There are various elements and warlord fighting over just about anything that has value. This bears watching of course but short of bombing the whole place into rubble what are you going to do about it.

  • jack
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    I hope so but remember politics need votes. They will do anything to get them even put us in danger. For example illegal immigration? , Gays(AIDS)? , Islam(Radical or Not)? those are just some questions that they try to avoid.

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