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Lil Marie In Rocky V?

I was told her role in V was deleted.. But she's in the credtis. Its supposed to be the same actreess too. Just grown up. Can anyone tell me where in Rocky V Marie is? i can not think of it.


umm i think your thinking of Adrian..

I'm talkign about the girl from Rocky 1 he gave advise to.

She's supposed to have been in V but it says scenes deleted all thoiugh she's in the cast.

She's also (new cast) in Rocky 6.

the red head in the previews.

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    Her part was cut in Rocky V. I saw an interview with Stallone back then and they showd her clip. It was when Rocky returned to the old neigborhood with Adrianne.

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    She is in the show only as a memory for rocky . She passed away.

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