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north carolina history?

What was cheap land called in North Carolina in the 1700's?

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    In the beginning of the 1700's the counties of North Carolina were just beginning to form. These counties were on the eastern seaboard where immigration began. One of the natural migration trails was from Virginia down into North Carolina. People were looking for cheap land, new frontiers and new ways of life. Life and land up the seaboard were becoming "crowded". Families wanting more were moving into North Carolina.

    The North Carolina Counties pattern was beginning; Currituck, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Chowan and Bath were the first of the counties, all formed in 1670. In less than one hundred years, there were so many immigrants that nearly ½ of the state had filled with enough people that more counties were popping up. By 1750 Anson became a county closely followed by Rowan in 1753. Tryon was the next county in 1768, and then Burke in 1777. At this point in history we were fighting to become a free nation.

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