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What are some reasons a woman might have a light period?

for a woman who has regular medium/heavy periods. ive heard that diet can have an effect, but i was wondering what some other reasons might be. thanks!


yeah ive had no change in diet, exercise, weight, or stress level so im not exactly sure what's going on...just wanted everyones thoughts.

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    1. Normal change in hormones....it just happens every once in a while.

    2. Major stress.

    3. Increased physical activity.

    4. Increased / decreased sexual activity.

    5. Some Antibiotics or other medicines can mess with your cycle.

    6. Could be something more serious if there are other symptoms. Go see your gyno if you are concerned.

    7. could also be pregnancy......some people have one month of a light period before they quit having them.

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    I'm having the same problem. Although I was really late this month, by 15 days. I'm curious to see what other answers. I heard diet can play a major role, as well as stress.

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    Hormone changes. If your period is lighter than normal, just count your blessings. Diet can have an effect, but usually only if you are anorexic. Don't be alarmed, but you could have a heavier one next month.

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    Hormone Imbalance, check out www.MangosteenExperiences.com and read about the xanthones in this fruit and how it can regulate your body.

    For the science of this go to the government website called

    www.pubmed.com and enter the word xanthones


    go to www.Goxanthones.com/Olivia and hear the doctors audios especially dr J . Edwards.

    Source(s): www.mangosteenMD.com
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    stress is a big factor on your period. it can make it heavy or light and it can also determine how many days you have it for too. i know this from experience and i'm so glad for the light days!

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    I have a light period but I think because my body is very small so the build of your body affects it.

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