About FDA...?

How does the FDA impact on our country?

How does this agency allow the government to

run smoothly?

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    The FDA has the power to regulate a multitude of products in a manner that ensures the safety of the American public and the effectiveness of marketed food, medical, and cosmetic products. Regulations may take several forms, including but not limited to outright ban, controlled distribution, and controlled marketing. Additionally, the FDA sets the standards under which individuals may be licensed to prescribe drugs or other medical devices. Regulatory enforcement is carried out by Consumer Safety Officers within the Office of Regulatory Affairs and criminal matters are handled by special agents within the Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI).


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    In 2006, FDA commemorates the 100th anniversary of its founding law, the 1906 Pure Food and Drugs Act. FDA is the oldest consumer protection agency in the nation.

    FDA Components

    Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

    Drug Evaluation and Research

    Devices and Radiological Health

    Biologics Evaluation and Research

    Veterinary Medicine

    Field Operations/Regulatory Affairs

    Toxicological Research

    FDA Activities

    Advisory Committees

    Clinical Trials

    Field Operations

    Freedom of Information



    Major Initiatives


    No Fear Act Data



    Toxicological Research

    User Fees

    Animal Drugs

    Human Drugs

    Medical Devices

    Source(s): www.fda.gov/
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