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Should my co-worker buy MLS Galaxy season tickets?

A few of us at my office think that Major League Soccer is boring and not worth getting season tickets for. I want to have a poll here... how many of you think that it's worth buying and why and how many of your think that she'll be wasting her money and why...I want to show her this discussion so please post an answer. Thank you.

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    You should let your co-worker buy whatever kind of tickets she wants. if they are for her, then let it be! if they are for everybody, then you can contest her buying.

    however- if she likes MLS & Galaxy, then she should be able to buy the tix.

    if she's just buying tix to fulfill a need to do something, then no, she shouldnt(my opinion) she should save it and go to like europe for a weekend.

    i saw go for it, and buy those tix!!

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    I am a huge MLS fan, You probable should get Chivas USA since their soccer is more attractive. But i would rather get Chicago Fire season tickets.

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    again LA will have beckham sooner or later

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