do u know zucchero,italian rock musician?

ithink hes classic rock song,il volo(flight)s the best rock song ever..i heard it last night!can u giv me the name ov hes good and famous songs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You picked a good one! Il Volo is one of Zucchero's best tunes. I just wish I could find a live version of it.

    Menta e Rosmarino, & Donne are my other favorite Zucchero songs. They are all on the Italian version of his "Greatest Hits" album. It's a brilliant and varied collection of his works through 1996. The English version of that album has My Love, the English version of Il Volo, but neither Menta e Rosmarino nor Donne.

    Zucchero also does an awesome job on Verdi's Va Pensiero in a live duet with Pavarotti. I bought this one from itunes.

    I haven't sampled Zucchero since 2000, so I don't know any of his more recent works since the mediocre Blue Sugar in 1998.

    BTW, lyrics for Il Volo are at . Zucchero's offical website is .

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