What's the best home remedy for a BLADDER INFECTION?

I have been getting frequent bladder infections, and I hate to keep taking anti-biotics. From personal experience, what has worked best for you? and do you have any tips on how I can prevent getting them in the future? Thanks!

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    Drinking plenty of fluids--- cranberry juice or water.

    Cranberry tablets will help too.

    For pain relief I recommend using Uristat, that helps alot.

    Making sure you are going to the bathroom A.S.A.P after sexual relations helps with keeping bacteria away.

    Also the direction in which you wipe keeps the bacteria away. They always tell you to wipe front to back.

    Hope this helps.

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    Please Take This Advice To Heart I'm A Nurse:

    First and foremost, if you suspect a bladder infection see a qualified Doctor as soon as possible. There is no substitue for a comprehensive medical exam. Beyond that however:

    Take Lots Of Cranberry Supplements and Drink Plenty of Cranberry Juice (sugar free if you can find it)

    Your Sugar Intake should be severely limited. Make sure you read the labels of the food your buying too. Just because something doesn't taste sweet doesn't mean it doesnt have a lot of sugar.

    Garlic can't hurt, although the scientific and medical values of it have yet to be proven. Also some people think eggs are effective too, but again, not proven.

    Finally, make sure your getting enough rest. This is one of the reasons people get sick (and stay sick longer) the most.

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    Antibiotics will work if the doctor has done a urine culture or gives you broad spectrum antibioics (to address one of the answers above), but since you would rather not take them (which I understand), you can take a warm sitz bath as often as you would like to ease the burning, eat more calories because of increase metabolic needs during infection, and drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Cranberry juice will work, but it takes 3-4 weeks to start taking effect. To prevent bladder infections, frequently wash your hands, drink plenty of water, adequatley clean your perineal area (especially before and after sex), empty your bladder regularly, and get 500 mg of Vit C a day. You can also talk with your doctor about other options to prevent reoccurance.

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    I was also prone to frequent bladder infections after I was first married and the antibiotics Dr prescribed always seemed to give me yeast. I sip water diluted low sugar cranberry juice everyday, all day. I wash up as soon as is appropriate after sexual activity. I avoid colored tissue paper and many oily bubble bath products. For years now (21yrs!) I have not had a recurrence.

    Peace :)

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    As a preventive, cranberry juice is excellent. However, if you already have the infection, AZO Standard makes cranberry tablets that work very well. If the infection is full-blown, antibiotics are the only way to go.

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    Cranberry supplements and cranberry juice.

    Barley water.

    Urinating straight after and before sex.

    Keeping very warm, warm underwear and tights.

    All the best - I had bladder infections alot and am now totally free of them.

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    in 1989 I had a severe bladder infection, I could not even go for three days. an old indian woman brought me some golden seal root powder caplets, she had me take 4 a day , on the first day i had results. i used it for 7 days and did not have a reacurance for 20 years.

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    First of all, antibiotics aren't helpful in this situation. Doctor's just get used to perscribing them and what they do is destroy our immune system. Increase your intake of garlic and unflavored yogurt, and add infection fighting foods such as diluted and organic, no sugar added, orange juice, grape juice, apple juice cranberries. Avoid sugar in any form, and drink plenty of filtered water!

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    Cranberry extract. You can also drink cranberry juice, but it is hard to get as much as you need. You can take the pills much more easily. The nutrients in the extract is water soluble, so your body will void whatever it doesn't need.

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    Cranberry juice is a good remedy. Try not to drink a lot of soda.

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