Editors and publishers--How do I bind a novel manuscript for snail-mail submission?

I'm entering a contest and have to send my 200 page novel to a publishing company. The contest directions clearly state what typeface, what to include in the footer and what envelope to mail it in. However, they say nothing about binding it. I know screenplays are commonly 3-hold punched and bound with paper fasteners. Should I do this with my novel for easier reading? Or is it preferred to send the pages in loose? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Novels: Send loose pages. Make sure your last name and part of your title are in the header of each page and page numbers in the footers.

    Source(s): Children's author: www.cdawnmccallum.com
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    Publishers do not like manuscripts to be bound, as this makes typing them out (which is done even if it is alreadt typewritten) more difficult.

    Send the pages loose, but put them in a folder to keep them together. And remember to have page numbers consecutive from the first page, in case someone at the publishers drops it!

    Source(s): Michael Legat's: 'Writing for Pleasure and Profit' and 'An Author's Guide to Publishing'
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    you don't bind, if its for a legit publisher, it should be loose pages


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