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Why do Most Colleges/Universities Tend to be Liberal?

What is the reasoning behind the U.S. higher education system leaning liberal?

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    Because liberals believe in higher education

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    Colleges and Univesities are less and less liberal-they're controlled by a president & board that tend to be conservative-Gates is President of Texas A&M with heavy right wing political ties & no experience as a professor-soon to be a big part of the administration. The professors do tend to be liberal, I think because conservatives do gravitate toward the private sector and higher salaries while professors become professors largely because they love thinking & writing & researching-and rarely get past middle class status. The presidents of all the local universities I know are headed by non-professors with Republican ties. I feel somewhat the same about the "liberal press". The reporters are more likely to be liberal but the owners and administrators tend to be conservative and they controll the press and their reporters.

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    There are 2 sorts of majors - liberal arts majors and specialist majors. specialist majors contain pastime-certain instructions and require you bypass a certification exam to artwork interior the field. those contain training, nursing, accounting, engineering, and structure. The liberal arts majors are each little thing else - paintings, music, languages, historic previous, English, social sciences, difficult sciences, math, computing gadget technological knowledge, and economics. Liberal arts majors contain a much wider heritage in any particular field and may be utilized to a large selection of jobs and graduate/specialist courses extremely of one particular pastime. Liberal arts faculties concentration on the liberal arts majors (even although some furnish engineering). they have a tendency to be smaller than universities and private (even although not continually). the U. S. would not have any nationwide universities, besides the indisputable fact that it does have state faculties and universities. Neither liberal arts faculties or universities are unavoidably more beneficial than the different basically because of what that's called. some liberal arts faculties are a lot more beneficial than some state universities, and any incorrect way round. It relies upon on the field you want to study and the ecosystem in which you want to study it.

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    I would say primarily because the democratic model allows for it. The more people who share the same viewpoint that gather together create the environment. Thus, liberals who indoctrinate more liberals create more liberals, and democracy works the numbers making a liberal school

    Secondly, courtesy of Renee Descartes and Friedrich Nietzsche, conservative thought is impossible. These philosophies of knowledge and reality pervade all facets of academic life.

    In short liberal academia is a result rather than a reason. A result of a medieval revival of classical greek thought, a desire of the late medieval church to appeal to reason to answer the complex questions of life, (despite it's corruption at the time) and humanism in its various forms. It is the natural result of all these factors. Considering the liberal agenda is bankrupt, it can only become more forceful and aggressive to maintain its position, and to do so it must crush all opposition, moderates and conservatives, to survive.

    Source(s): various snippets from Renee Descartes, Friedrich Neitzsche, and a few others merged together in my own words
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    In the USA, to teach, you have to be part of the Teachers Union. Unions tend to be liberal. Even the teachers that are not liberal must pay union dues and have their names on union membership lists. The dues can, in part, be spent on political candidates/agendas the unions support and the lists add illusionary numbers to the people who might be behind the union. Of course, for those sitting on the fence, isn't it more likely you are going to try to support any institution that might tend to increase your livelihood?

    Not all liberal thinking is wrong, just as all conservative thinking is not wrong. Listen to all points of view and make your own choices. It should not be a case of them vs us, but a sharing of ideals that leads to an agreement most beneficial to all.

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    The theory I heard from Bill O'Reilly in a speech he gave at Harvard is that liberal theory makes sense. stuff like feed the poor, help everyone go to college, healthcare for all, and on and on. It all sounds great, but the liberal theory doesn't tranlate into practical solutions that actually work in the real world. Many professors are academics who lack real world experience, so they are more on the theory side than the practical side of issues, and as such are liberals.

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    Because Liberals long ago realized that their radical agenda would never be approved by the people in a democratic vote (remember, Democrats are anti-democracy), so they've instead attempted to pack the universities with Liberals to indoctrinate rather than educate.

    Source(s): An exellent expose of the Liberal university is Wm F. Buckley's "God and Man at Yale," written in 1950. Things have only gotten much, MUCH worse since then.
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    because college administrations think liberals are one to "think outside the box" and get you to think on your own. What a bunch of garbage. Having gone to a liberal school i can tell you the only thing it does is anger you and wish they would hire more conservatives to balance the education being thrust on the students

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    Education broadens your viewpoints and helps you understand the world and its people. College also teaches you how to think and question in a logical, rational manner.

    America's colleges are the best in the world. Those who criticize higher education fail to understand their importance.

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    My Profs are weird. Honestly, totally, WEIRD.

    Academia (college) tends to attract weird people the way ice skating and acting attracts gays.

    The most normal Profs I've got have JOBS in the real world. They are all conservatives.

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