Are There Any Love Experts To Save Me???

I'm 16 and i have no guy friends AT ALL most probably because i don't go to church ( don't ask me to go) and I am studying in an all-girls school. I live alone and I feel like having a boyfriend to care for me. can u please give me as many ideas as possible? I don't want to turn into a lesbian and i don't wanna go for matchmaking stuff ( thanks!) ...and... randomly checking out a stranger is weird & uneasy for anyone isin't it?

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    (re:randomly checking out a stranger is weird & uneasy for anyone isin't it? -- NO KIDDING!)

    Hi Yan S…

    You really are in a predicament aren’t you!...

    Ok.. I better start with a few FYI’s

    It’s safe to say you are not going to end up a Lesbian – That’s not something you “turn into for lack of guys” :-)

    Also.. the best person to care for you will always be you (although, you sound like a smart girl so I’m sure you’re already aware of this). ---However, I fully understand you wanting to have some male attention/conversation.

    My thoughts: Considering your schooling situation, -you are going to have to go a little out of your way and do a little research to meet guys.

    This means-

    Finding clubs, classes or organizations that you’re interested in, to join or volunteer at. The most comfortable way to meet guys is in a class setting. – Activities are led by someone and you automatically have something to talk to the guy about (what’s going on in the class).

    (I’ve always been into art. Growing up I found a place that had art classes for different ages. – I joined that). Volunteering at a Pet Center/Humane Society, or other organizations (preferably those that also have guys volunteering at them). Gaming, cards and comic book stores that have activities. -- I recently went into a gaming store that also had board game competitions going on . First thing I thought of.. “oh my gosh if I was a teenage girl THIS is where I would hang out!” - There were NO girls in there.. just a number of teenage (cute) guys. Chess clubs (very HIGH percentage of guys there), Karate Classes (I took Karate from 13-17 – It was 2 girls to 18 guys - good odds!), Photography Classes (check with local photo stores). Our local Park System has different classes and activities (park clean up day / star gazing nights/they also have wildlife photography classes) that are specifically developed for teenagers (also volunteering there is another option). If your community has a local theater (that puts on plays/shows) you can volunteer to help build sets/paint sets. Some colleges have continuing education classes (usually needs a parents signature for under 18- but they do allow 16 year olds to take the classes) – Classes in automotive care, woodworking (guy interests mainly), photography, jewelry making . This is going to sound very dumb.. but…, I like pretty uncut stones/rock/crystals. – I looked up Lapidary Society in my phone book – they had meetings.. and guess how many younger guys were there! – lots of them. All of which were very friendly and helpful about explaining stones and crystals to me!

    … the other thing..

    (dare I say it)…Keep in mind it’s so you can expand your “guy meeting” potential….

    Get a part time job. (sorry)

    If you do this.. and your goal is to meet guys…Apply where the guys are – Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Gaming stores, Computer stores, --- or around a local college campus where there is a lot of guy traffic coming through.

    Good Luck and have fun!

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    First of all, you don't TURN lesbian. You are either lesbian or not. It's not a choice that you make.

    Second, you need to start giving before you can start to receive. If you have an attitude that a boyfriend is there to take care of you, you will be regarded by men as a needy, clingy ho, which is bad. Think about what YOU can bring to a relationship. You have to be a girl that guys will want to be with.

    Place yourself in their shoes and give them what they are seeking. They are also seeking someone that will take care of them in return. It's not just about you you you. It's about the two of you together. Don't expect to get anything. The only thing you have under your control is how much you can give to the other person.

    Adjust your attitude, or you'll be alone for the rest of your life.

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    Start going out on friday or saturday nights to clubs or local hangouts for people your age. Dress to turn heads and the boys will find you. Be careful which ones you pick though, don't just settle for the first one to come your way that way you won't have to check them out until they approach you.

    Go out to the nearest park and start watching the boys out there while they play a game or something, they'll notice a girl is watching, they always do.

    If you're in to more brainiac guys slip on a cute skirt, a sweater and some boots leave your hair down and head to the library or book store to "accidentaly bump" into a cutie there.

    Be gutsy and make the first move on a guy also, they might really like the confidence and aggression.

  • What's the question? How can you get a boyfriend? Or how to make guy friends?

    If it is for the boyfriend, I don't think you can have a boyfriend during that time because why would your parents send you to a all-girls school. So it has to be about boys.

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    Do you have a father figure around? I sense you may lack a man around which is why you are seeking for a man to care for you. Don't rush into find a man especially if you are vulnerable at this moment. You are setting yourself to be sexually exploited by older or younger men who just want to use that body of yours to their advantage. I suggest you find some after school activities to involve yourself in to prevent such mishap from happening. Best of Luck. Always be on guard.

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    Your a nice person sounds like,But boys are not the answer to everything.Watch others who are in a serious relationships ok.Nothing wrong with a virgin .Keep your good morals about u ok.This world could take u 4 a nasty spin if u let it So be careful and take care of yourself.Watch,live and learn.

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    Hmmm, you live alone at 16?

    What are your hobbies? If you feel you just MUST have male companionship at your age, try the library, or the movies, or places that you feel would accomodate kids your age such as the mall.

    My suggestion to you is: concentrate on your studies right now - there'll be plenty of chances to date once you are in college and/or the workplace. I wish you well.

    Merry Christmas!

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    you are very young and didn't see nothing of life yet. cheer up time will cure everything, you'll find your hero and you'll forget you had this "problem" in age 16, so be well keep learning and make your life.

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    I'm sure you visit local stores or libraries or other public places. You see someone that interests you....introduce yourself!

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    u dont have to have a boyfriend

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