What is a "white person"?

What is a "black person"?

Depending on the culture, skin color does have some bearing on treatment, but this is a function of education.

America is by far the most racially diverse country in the world. To truely appreciate this, you need to compare diversity pie charts with other countries. America's pie chart cant even be fully illustrated because of the countless enteries, whereas all other countries neatly fall into a three or four segement pie chart. Again...if you havent seen this visual...you must...in order to fully grasp the magnitude of difference.

Before America, maybe the term "white person" had some relevance. But because of America these terms no longer have meaning, except to race-peddalrs from the left and racists from the left and right.

Long ago, someone might have used the term "black person" to describe of African decent based on a homogenous cultural view. Today however, the terms are more often used as political devises to keep constituents in a herd.

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    I didn't take the time to read your disertation, but the answer is :

    white = caucasion, non-hispanic.

    black= african-american


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    1 decade ago

    Holy warlord , join the senate, or mayor , or whatever , you seem to do good with words. White, Black , Brown , Blue ,they are just colors, as I understand it there are 3 major races, Caucasian , Black, Oriental , out of these we get the Browns , I have seen a black child with curly blonde hair and green eyes , most beautiful and most of the children of mix black -white look Hispanic!

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    1 decade ago

    A white person is someone with white skin

    and a black person is someone with black skin

    I am not sure if that was your question because this seemed more like a rant and I agree with your rant 100%

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    Whites were created to be the supervisors and architects

    Blacks were created to be the workers

    Jews were created to be the economists

    Hispanics were created to be the helpers for the blacks

    Orientals were created to be the managers

    All others had minor roles

    This was done by the Aliens to mine this world

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    1 decade ago

    Anyone of Euro or Isreali background is considered white or caucaision.

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    Your mom. Suck it. *****.

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