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Should we base our society on the 'Lowest Common Denominator' of our society, OR, should we .. ....?


Do you actually RESPECT an uninformed or uneducated viewpoint ?

Simply put.. .. . . I Do Not !!

Why should we respect errors and misjudgements due to lack of knowledge on a particular topic ??

Do you ask a Lawyer for advice on Plumbing ??

Do you ask your Children for advice on Voting ??


EDIT* - After giving it more thought...... I wonder . I wonder if that's why the Liberal Democrats never have a SOLUTION to ANYTHING !! They're too busy 'respecting' everyones opinion, regardless of worthiness and VALUE !!

Update 2:

HitchHeidi - That won't work !! LMAO

Despite what you may think..... I'm looking for INTELLIGENT RESPONSES, wherever they may originate from !!

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  • Bryan
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    1 decade ago
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    We should all strive for the high road in all things. No I do not respect uninformed opinions, except in the case where they are willing to openly accept input and consider it's merits. We are all wrong from time to time the difference is in how we respond to having this fact pointed out to us. The truly uninformed resort to the lowest common denominator which is denigration, denial, or name calling. Those truly seeking knowledge accept the criticism as a learning experience and adjust accordingly. We should always respect the ability of people to change based on circumstances and new information, but true ignorance defies any respect or consideration.

  • Gray
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    1 decade ago

    Put simply, I don't respect politics. I especially don't respect how your choice is either Right or Left. I don't respect the electoral college. I don't respect uneducated fools. I don't respect overconfidence in intelligence. I prefer things are kept simple, but I like having options. Options are becoming limited in our days because the government forces so many things they were never meant to. The centralized government was supposed to help balance power, not to overrun it. Oh, and these days I don't respect the public much either. The whole argument over the war in the middleast is pathetic. Everyone supported it for so long thinking it's exactly what was needed for our revenge. Then, suddenly, everyone started questioning themselves about whether or not it was right. Now, the media may have corrupted the viewpoint of everything, but the public is so willing to look at what's in front of them at face value and follow it. They never really have their own views, they're drones of one of two parties, the media, or they're of a select few who just want to incite fights. I respect the views of the founding fathers, whose sole purpose was to create freedom for those who needed it. Once again, we're falling from that dream, and back into a reality of beuracratic BS.

    Sorry if I strayed from topic even a little, but I'm growing weary of this crap.

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    I agree that our educational system is in terrible trouble, but I do not think it helps to be completely partisan about it. Democrats and Republicans have failed equally to remedy the system and no, just because I am a Democrat doesn't I mean I respect every opinion. Some opinions are better informed and more valid than others. I do not go for moral or cultural relativism. This makes me a more conservative Democrat than my peers, but it still doesn't make me a Republican.

    Bush's "No child left behind" is failing a lot of children partly due to the fact it is not well funded and partly because teachers end up focusing on getting children to pass standardized tests through rote memorization.

    I think we should study some of the other 1st world countries whose educational systems are doing much better than ours and apply some of the principles to our own system. Instead of assuming we know what works (back to basics and no child left behind), why not study systems that are actually working and replicate them.

    A friend of mine said that we can't replicate other countries' success because we have such a diverse population. I don't think that makes any sense and I think we have to impose some kind of standards on all schools for all children regardless of "diversity."

  • Zombie
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    1 decade ago

    Your first problem is asking what "we" should base "our society" on. That is a collectivist, pro-herd mentality. "Society" is based on the individual. If "we" weren't so busy trying to run everyone else's lives and/or depending on the state for support and guidance, your stated "lowest common denominator" phenomenon would be a non-issue.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No I don't respect uninformed opinions and yet here I am responding to yours. Craziness!

  • jack
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    1 decade ago

    I agree 100% on this...

  • 1 decade ago

    Because ALL education is liberal, and liberals are evil! Down with education!

    Source(s): trying to get 10 pts from you... awwwwwww...c'mon....
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    Well since you have no worth or value based on what you said in your question addition your opinion does not matter. Thanks for clearing that up for us

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