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I have a stumper. Does any one know a common household item that will keep my cat from using my houseplants..?

As a litter box? No I am not getting rid of my plants or my cat!!! haha. Help would be appreciated.


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    vinegar around the edges of the pot

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    It's not exactly a "common" house hold item anymore, but you can get it easily enough at a hardware store: chicken wire. Cut a circle of it to fit in the top of your pot and around your plant's stem. Cats use plants in part because they can dig in the dirt. Eliminate their ability to dig and it won't be as attractive to them anymore.

    However, cats are also attracted to the scent of where they have gone before, so whatever method you chose, you're probably going to want to re-pot your plants and get rid of the marked soil.

    Two last notes: your cat may be using the plant because the litterbox for some reason is unacceptable. Make sure you clean it often, and if it's old, replace it. The smell can permeate the plastic and the cat may not like that. Or if you are using a scented cat litter, the cat may be irritated by the scent. Try switching to an unscented litter.

    If you live in a house or townhouse with several floors and have only one box, the cat may use the plants because he can get to them quicker. Try adding a second box, on a different floor, so your cat has options when he needs to go.

    Good luck!

  • Well,,, this is a very good question. And being a animal owner my self I find myself rather very discouraged allot of the time over this here same thing. I have found that I have to work my plants around there schedule to relocate them to a more inconvenient place of reach. I have tried the pepper thing and this does seem to work with a couple of mine but not with all. I would never use a mouse trap as this could very easily break their paw and cause you more money in vet bills. The water bottle is very good but you have to be in reach to spray them consistently or the point does not get across. Also make sure that the litter that you are using is something that is not causing allergies and that it is clean because this will cause them to find other places to use the facility at as well. As always hang in there and good luck, it will get better! Love is all you need!

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    We put rocks in ours, but when the cat got bigger, they would just pull the rocks out. SO.... we cut chicken wire to fit the top of the soil area (make holes so that the plant can grow) and then cut through one side so that you can wrap it around your plant -- THEN add your rocks - pretty decorative ones. As soon as they start to dig, their claws will hit the wire and quit. Good Luck.

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    I have heard of people putting moth balls around the plant. It supposedly makes them not like to use it. I also ended up at one point putting tin foil around the dirt in the pot so my cat would be discouraged. Hope this helps. I didn't try moth balls because I hate the smell of them... but they will probably work if u can stand the smell.

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    Pepper. If you put pepper around your plants your cats will not use the plants as a litter box.

    Source(s): we put pepper around our cars when i was growing up to keep the cats from getting prints all over the car.
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    My sister used clear packing tape to cover the top of the pots around the plants base. But, I think rocks would look nicer.

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    You can use a spray/stream bottle filled with water to stop your cat from doing virtually anything you don't want him/her to do. Just spray them whenever you see them doing something "wrong" -- the cat will learn soon enough.

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    Put your plants on stands or where the cat cannot get to them.

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    try covering the soil with foil- bend it over the side of the planters and around the stems. looks a little tacky, but works wonders!!

    Source(s): experience
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