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Which is better- different exercises = sore every time, or same exercises sore at first increase reps?

I like variety. I've been changing up my exercises each week I work out so I'm sore frequently. Is it okay that I do that, or should I be doing the same exercises for 4-6 weeks while eventually increasing weights? I find that boring. I ask because I had a personal trainer 2x per week. We'd do different exercises every session, and I'd be sore for 2 days.

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    Doing more reps of a lighter weight puts stronger leaner muscle on you. But the rate of gain is a little different, but better muscle...

    you dont wnat short knotted up watery muscles, you want long thing rock hard ones that useable....

    For power...

    atleast i dont want unusable water muscle..

    its called circuit training...

    read Bruce Lee's book called, "The art of expressing the human body" it tells all about circuit training, and how its the king of working out.

    Change is good

    Source(s): 6 years martial arts
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