when is doing the right thing more important than doing what you want?

so mai parents gave me the option of moving out into my boyfriends house or stay with them. I hate it where i live and i want to get out of there, but i know the right thing to do is to stay with my parents. i'm still a minor and my boyfriends mom doesn't think its right that my parents are doing this. i don't want any problems between my boyfriends mom and my parents. so what do i do????

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    It is always more important to do the right thing. Its more difficult, but it usually leads us down the right path. Every once in a while, we are lucky enough to have what is right and what we want turn out to be the same thing.

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    Stay with your parents. If you're still a minor this is the best place to be regardless of what you want (to get away from home). It isn't clear if your boyfriend is still at home (in that his mother is upset with the options you've been presented with), and if this is the case it could be a nightmare being there where you aren't really welcome. Also, if your boyfriend is in a place of his own, but his mother is putting in her two cents worth, she could cause trouble if you move in with him.

    Not knowing all the details of the situation I can't give you better advice, but I'll tell you that one of my best friends moved out of her house when she was 17 because she thought her family tried to interfere in her life too much. Her parents just wanted her to finish school and go to college so she could be successful in life, but she wanted to be "free." So she moved in with her boyfriend, ended up eloping, and then had a kid right away. Now she's divorced with two little kids and no education and her parents have told her that she chose to be independent so now she has to live with her choices.

    Bottom line: think about it. Consider the big picture and don't act impulsively. Your family is important and this boyfriend may or may not last.

    Good luck, whatever your choice may be!

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    Moving in with a guy because you hate where you are is never a good way to deal with it! Moving in with someone is because you want to make a commitment, not to get away from a bad situation! You are still underage and that can cause you and your boyfriend more problems. Try and fix the problems at your parents or find a way to get out on your own and make a life for yourself, so you find out who you are!

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    Doing the right thing is ALWAYS more important than doing what YOU want. It's called responsibility and accountability for your actions, and it's called growing up.

    Imagine a world if everyone did only what they wanted and not what was right?

    Your boyfriend's Mom is right to think that your parents are wrong and she shouldn't be responsible for taking care of you.

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    Your parents loves you and wants the best for you,when you become their age and you have child of your own who acts like you now, you'll know how they feels and you'll know what I mean. The togetherness w/ him is not lock, both of you are still growing up. I don't think your BF mom is happy to support you. If I were you I'll stay w/mom and dad, be a good daughter, study hard, socialize a lot with guys and girls. There a saying" you can not live by bread alone ." Ohh, worse you can not live by sex alone, for you kill your chance to enjoy life and to be success and happy in life . You have to take care and support children and grumpy,mean man. mean mother in-law ect...If that 10 Minutes sex worth it for the troubles go ahead, you have choices,

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    Seems to me you've answered your own question. Why worry about what your boyfriends parents think? Of course YOUR parents want you to make a sound decision based upon the experiences in life therefore they pass on their unprejudiced knowledge to their own child without worrying about what others say who are NOT your own flesh and blood. Also, as a minor your parents are responsible for you until you are of legal age and/or emancipated by the laws of your state. To be emanicipated, you gotta do it ALL on your own! Hope your boyfriend REALLY loves you to accept the responsibilities of a relationship YOU want!

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    Think what is best for you. Is it better to stay with your parents or better to stay with your boyfriend. I had the same problem. I moved in with my boyfriend because at the time with my mother we lived in a trailer with my aunt and uncle. I chose boyfriend because it made the problem easier on both my parents and my aunt and uncle.

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    First, get into counselling with your family. Find out why you hate it and how you all can start getting along. Your boyfriend's mom should keep her nose out of your family problems. If you can't fix what's wrong in the home you were raised in, how can you start one of your own?

    Stay in school, get into counselling, kiss your boyfriend and thank his mom for their offer. That's the road to take.

    Source(s): I'm a mom.
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    Stay home! Moving in with a boyfriend WILL change the relationship. Your time you share together now won't mean as much, your conversations will change to money and responsibilities. Your privacy and freedom will be no more.

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    I think it's important to mend your relationship with your parents. They will always want to be in your life, but your boyfriend might not always be there. Also, I think it would be a bit much to live with your boyfriend and his parents. It kinda sounds like you would be imposing, and unless you are paying rent, I think they would probably prefer it if you lived at home. It sounds like they want you to have a nice home, but you should be with your family.

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