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A light color "ring" around the mouth?

I am allergic to various things, so I'm trying to figure out what type of an allergy or a health problem could be associated with the skin around the mouth being a few shades lighter than the rest of the face? I remember I once drank Pepsi and it left a residue around my mouth that stung my skin and made it reddish, but it went away in a few hours. So, I know my skin is very sensitive but I'm not sure what is causing this discoloration - it has been nearly a year and it hasn't gone away...sometimes the lighter part looks more noticable and other times it blends more with the rest of my color. Could toothpaste cause something like this? Stress? I even tried tanning but that part barely tans and it's very frustrating.

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    It may not be an allergy problem, it could be a conditon where the blood flow to the skin is reduced (due to hyperstimulaton of the nerves). The effects can vary according to air temperature, general health and external stimulation. There is no cure and it isnt at all dangerous, sufferers generally use medical make up to disguise it.

    PS I havnt given you a name for this problem as I cant remember it, will add it later if I can find it before question closes;

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