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when can you say have a good evening?

Is it ok to say it after eleven. or is it ok to say it instead of have a good night.

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    You're being answered by a Southerner, here....

    Evening begins at 6:00 p.m. Officially, you can begin saying "have a good evening" then. When Ieave work (at 5:00 p.m.), I usually tell my boss to "have a good evening" (if I or my boss is leaving). If I run into someone (meet or cross them in the public, sidewalk, mall, etc., I'll say "Good Evening". It means the same as saying hello.


    "Have a good evening" if you mean to say "good bye" or "bye"

    "Good Evening" if you mean to say "hello"


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    After 11 is a little late to say either, since there's not much of the night left to enjoy, but "evening" would usually be appropriate between say, 5pm and 9pm, and "night" after that. Really, whichever you feel comfortable with is OK, a good wish is a good wish :-)

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    After 5pm

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    some people in the southern u.s. consider afternoon evening,most americans think dusk/sundown is depends on who you are around.

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    The choice is yours.

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