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I'm considering a Vasectomy does it hurt?

Not worried about cost more about if it's painfull

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    No it doesn't hurt...anyone who says otherwise hasn't had it done.

    Mine was in and out in 30 minutes....Doctor said I might feel a slight sting but I didn't....I had take Tylenol before and after I stayed home for two days...went back to work on the third...they want you to be still for about two days so I watched movies in my recliner...It was the best thing I have had done. The sex drive increased by a factor of 4! and no no woman can accuse me of getting her pregnant!!!!


  • Jon A
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    1 decade ago

    I had one done in July of this year and had NO NONE NADA pain. during or afterwards. It was completely pain free! It was done on a Friday afternoon. I did everything that my doctor told me - rested for the remainder of the day, took it easy all weekend & kept ice on the area. I've got 2 small kids and I didn't physically pick them up until Tuesday. I went back to work on Monday - I've got a desk job. An hour before the procedure I took two Advil and didn't take anything after that. The doctor gave me a Rx for Tylenol with Codine but I did'nt even get it filled. I would do it again today if I had too! Good luck and heed your doctors advice!

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    I had a vasectomy performed last year. The procedure only took about 30 minutes. The procedure was not painful and after-surgery pain lasted about 2 or 3 days and was not bad. Just can't move around to much those couple of days. Best decision I made........I hate condoms!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    only if the doctor fails to inject any local pain killer will it hurt.

    Oh there is lilkely to be some discomfort after that wears off but no more than from a cut on your hand and you can always get the doctor to give you a prescription for a decent painkiller. So, don;t sweat it, just drop your pants, take the cut and enjopy a happy sex life knowing babies are not going to happen until you get it reversed. Though there is a few months waiting period after when you still will have sperm in your ejaculate.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm a nurse. It's not that bad. The last one we did the man fell asleep. I would ask for something to make you relax during the procedure. If can't hurt to take a couple of ibprofen before too. You will be fine and it is over with when you think the'r just being. You will be just fine. Now breathe and try to relax. Be sure you follow all the advice for the after care. I wish you all the best.

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    It's not too bad once you get past the throwing up blood part...kidding!

    It leaves your boys sore for a couple of days--do it on a Friday, take the weekend to just sit with an ice pack on 'em.

    If you follow the doctor's follow-up care, you'll be fine.

    By the way, frozen peas or corn makes for a better ice pack.

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    I'm considering one myself, so I talked to a couple of family friends who have had the procedure. According to them, it's outpatient surgery and not terribly painful -- you just spend a day or two feeling like someone kicked you in the 'nads. They both recommended getting it done on a Friday afternoon if possible so you can have the whole weekend to play couch potato and recuperate. They give you low-grade pain killers and tell you to use ice, which isn't a lot of fun, but hey...

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    My brother in law had one- he said it's the best choice he's ever made. He said that for about 2 days afterwards you are sore, but you don't feel anything during the procedure. This is hard for me to put into words, not being a man, but he said you get the feeling after you've been kicked in the nuts, not right when it happens, but an hour later when they still ache- he said they ache like that for a day or so. But imagine, pain for 2 days or kids for a lifetime, eh?

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  • Anonymous
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    Its been a long time since I had mine, but, as I remember the doc gives you a shot in the bag and that smarts like hell. The rest of the preceedure is nothing. However, it is much less painful than hearing your wife or girlfriend say, "honey I think I'm pregnant again".

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