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Is it illegal to smoke home grown oregano?

I just recently stopped smoking cigarettes and my friend told me oregano is good for the prostate, i think its true cuz his prostate is better the ever and he drinks alot of apple juice which is bad for the prostate.

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    It's not illegal, but smoking it is not really much healthier than smoking tobacco.

    I'm also not sure whether much of the positive quality of oregano remains when you put it in a pipe and smoke it.

    Oregano is a spice for meat, salad or greens, and mixed with other spices you can also make tea. Such it will do your prostate much better than smoked. Anyway, the best for your prostate will be to eat many vegetables, especially of the cabbage family.

    Why do you want to smoke it, after you've certainly made a great effort to stop smoking cigarettes?

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    Still illegal. Growing marijuana brings up the charge from a misdemeanor (for possession) to a felony (as they can claim intent to distribute, if you are growing it, regardless of the amount).

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    No, smoke all the oregano that you want.

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    Thankyou! This really brightened my day. I can't stop laughing.

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    It wouldn't be if the government thought you might enjoy it

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    I heard injecting bleach directly into your bloodstream duplicates these health benefits with none of the side effects.

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    no but it doesn't taste very good

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    why is this in elections?

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