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My 4 Months old Chihuahua is getting some dandaruff or some white flaky stuff on his coat?

Whenever I give my Chihuahua a bath after that I see some white flaky stuff on his coat. Is this dryness? What should I do to avoid it? how harmful is it for my Dog? He has also started showing dis-interest towards his food. Are these two things related? Please Help!!!

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    He's just a baby, how many baths have you given him? One should have been plenty in his short life. You are giving a bath to often or using a harsh shampoo on him! Use a gentle soap made for puppies and bathe as seldom as you can!

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    How often are you bathing him? You might be doing it too often (yes, it's possible) and drying out his skin by removing natural oils from the fur.

    Also, try introducing a new brand/flavor of food, to see if maybe he just doesn't like the type you're feeding him right now. Some dogs can be picky.

    Otherwise, take him to a vet to see if there's an underlying problem.

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    Try using a different shampoo and give him a bath only 1 a week or 1 every 2 weeks. Muddy days are an exception. You can talk to your Vet to see if there is a more specified problem with your dogs fur.

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    My min pin had the same problem. Too frequent bathing (more than once a month) can cause this problem among other things. I bathed her in puppy shampoo and then used "Mane and Tail' conditioner (can get at WalMart, drug stores etc.) and now I give her a raw egg once a month with her dry food. My vet recommended it.

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    very cute dog, bathing to much may be the problem but some dogs get natural dry skin there are products you can buy spray and powder shampoo you name it they have it at k-mart and walmart as for the food what was he eating before? did you switch the food this will cause that as well but if just picking at it my small dogs just pick to but if worried call the vet they can give free advice on the phone

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    bathe him less it sounds like he does have dry skin. With the food, try a different brand but don't switch the food to often if he doesn't;t like it because he could get diarrhea. Try soft puppy food and not the hard kibble. Good luck

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    Your puppy is only four months old. You don't need to be giving him baths unless he's getting really dirty.

    The white flakes are probably a sign of dry skin. Cut the baths, dude.

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    Try washing him with an oatmeal based shampoo or in real oatmeal.-- it is more soothing to the skin, and not as drying. Many dogs in winter months get dandruff, from being indoors with the furnace on (drier air) etc. Try running a humidifier near where he sleeps too. Otherwise I would def. call your vet if you are that worried. Sometimes they go off their feed in the winter too, if they are not getting as much outside time or exercise.

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    OMG!!! He is soooo cute!! I would give him some cod liver oil pills to keep his coat shiny and moisturized. Only bathe him if he is dirty, not just to make him smell pretty. He might be allergic to the soap or your not rinsing him off well enough.

    I hope any of these suggestions help.

  • oatmeal shampoo for the coat. Boil some chicken to put in his food or even rice. Thats healthy for him and definatly yummy!

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