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How can I stop condensation from getting in my headlights?

Also, my headlights are very discolored and very dim. I bought ultrawhite halogens but that isnt the problem. How can I take away the yellowness?

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    Bad'll have to replace them. Apparently the seal was broken and allowed moisture in. Simply trying to reseal them won't work. The original enclosure was a vacuum.

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    There are chemicals you can put in there before you insert the bulb to make sure all the moisture is removed. The Yellowness is mold caused by the moisture. You could use bleach to clean them out but it would be allot easier just to replace them. Make sure the room is very warm that you change the bulb in ... like a heated garage and make sure you get a good seal when you put the bulb in. Try using a light film of RTV on the seal to prevent moisture from getting in.

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    there are chemicals you can use to clean the inside of the light bulb, but it's very hard to get it all out. To keep water from staying in your head lights. Use a small drill bit and drill 3 holes on the bottom front of the head lights. This will allow the condesation to drain out instead of staying in and turning your lense yellow.

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    can't help you on the condensation, but about the dim lights, you could wired up a head lights harness. you can get almost anywhere, its a set of wires and direct battery relays. its will give you better brighter head lights.

    Hope it helps, Merry Christmas

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    It counds to m e that u have an opening some where that is allowing moist to get into ur bulbs so untol you get that fixed they will always be that way, it may be a small crack in ur head light cover r something

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    you can buff your headlights with an electric buffer it will help get the yellow out. you can try spraying rainx in them. but sounds like u have a leak in them.

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