How can I revamp my wardrobe???

Dont get me wrong I have nice things, but I am sick of looking at them..So what can I do????

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hi hun , what i do is every so often go out and buy things like belts, cheap sticky diamonds, ribbons and things like that. then i go home and go wild lol. i get things like old t shirts and with fabric paint, write my own slogans on them. with jeans i make my own ribbon belts and add things like chains and studs.

    why not have a lawn sale and sell sum of your unwanted stuff or on ebay and with your earnings buy some new stuff like jeans or cheap items. i bought aq cheap pair of jeans and added a few rips , ironed on some patches and alot of people thought i had bought them, like that. or what else is fun is clothes swapping with friends, when we go out , we get tigether with a load of our clothes and we swap stuff and we all have new outfits.

    to things like jackets or blazers add simple things like brooches or sparkly things.

    with thingls like pumps, i take the laces out and add diferent coloured laces for a funky new revamp.

    also why not go to second hand shops or jumble sales and get your hands on some bargains and vintage items for a fraction of the cost.

    hope ive helped and happy xmas.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    buy & try alot of different accessories, belts, neckaces, earrings, etc...mix & match

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