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If I am buying 2 puppies (not related) should I crate them together at night? Should I get them their own beds

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    see how they get along. if they dont mind being together in 1 crate then it should be fine (just make sure its a big big crate so they have plenty of room to move around when they get older) but if they dont like being in close vicinity to each other dont stick them in there together ... it could cause fights and one might get hurt.

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    If they are the same size, crate them together. Let them form a bond with each other. Also crating them together they have each other to cuddle and keep warm and probably won't suffer so much anxiety as they transition into your home, thus not keeping you awake all night (it could still happen but maybe not last as long). Put a toy and a wind up alarm clock in the crate too and that will be like them hearing Mom's heart beat and the toy animal will be like Mom. Good luck. Give them both lots of equal love.

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    I wouldn't suggest crating them together. They really should have their own private space, you don't want to chance them fighting if they feel too crowded. The crates should be no larger than them having room to stand, turn around, and lay down if you are crate training this way they won't use the crate as a bathroom as well as sleeping area. Good luck!

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    I have two dogs (brothers) that I used to crate together. It soon became very clear that they depended on one another's company. They would always curl up together, and when I crated one of them alone, he cried for his brother.

    That said, I keep my house pretty cold at night and live in a fairly cool year-round climate. During warm nights, sleeping in cramped quarters might be too warm for some dogs. My dogs are also very similar in size.

    I'd say, all other factors being equal, I'd lean towards crating them together, at least for a trial period.

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    I agree with LoveMyLab. Separate crates. They need their own space, but feel free to put the crates next to each other. But just a little warning, my chocolate lab puppy picked up whining in the crate from my 7 year old Shih Tzu. He never whined until we put her crate in the same room, and she always whines in her crate. Removed her crate and he stopped. Good Luck with your cuties.

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    If the crate is big enough, sure. But keep in mind, when they are full grown, can that crate fit them both comfortably? If not, crate them seperately, but next to each other. Give them both their own beds, next to each other, as well.

    Always think about when they're adults, and if you can find something that'd fit both of them, and if not, don't get them adjusted to it.

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    Give them each their own crate. They think of their crates as their dens or comfort place as they grow when they are frightened or aggitated. Doing this gives them a place of their own! And never, ever use the crate for punishment

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    I have individual crates for my dogs but as long as the crate is big enough you could put them together I suppose.

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    Dogs like to be in a pack. I would crate them together if they get along. If not, then your in for a doggie cage match!

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    muddle friends is a foul thought. We have been given 2 sister chihuahua's and it replaced right into a nightmare! we've 2 pit domestic canines they are the two lady yet they don't seem to be muddle friends they are from 2 diverse people. and that they do super! they are already residing house knowledgeable at 12 weeks previous! one sleeps in our room with us at evening and the different sleeps in our roomates room at evening and that way they have bonded to us seperatly somewhat of bonding to a minimum of one yet another. So, i does not get muddle friends and that i does not crate them at the same time.

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