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I cannot open the attachment to my email message which is in BMP form?

I received an email that has an attachment in BMP form, but whenever I open it... I cannot view it because it says "Preview not available"

Need this image asap, so what's the trick?

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  • Joe S
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    open the e-mail and save the attachment to your hard drive. Right click on the file you saved and choose "open with:" and choose paint. You should see the image.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you are trying to open a Bitmap file which is abbreviated by BMP. It is not a very common form of saving an attachment as people usually use Word or if it is a picture, they use a jpg. file.

    Anyway, you evidently do not have the supported software to open it. Can you email the sender and have them re-send it in another format? They can easily save it as another file so that you can access it.

    I'm not a computer guru but I have had similar experiences. You may also scan the net to seek further info about being able to open a bitmap file. You may actually have to purchase additional software.

    Good luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    i'm unable to open my e mail attachments. it shows that an erroe has got here about and them is a difficulty getting access to the report. I actually have not in any respect had this difficulty util the surprising few days and those are for artwork. Ican no longer gett solutions out of your help traces and there are not any human beings to help sparkling up this difficulty. I despatched in e mail and characteristic no longer had a reaction.

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