New Girlfriend what do I get her for X-MAS?

Well, I knew this would happen I have a girlfriend well an Awesome girl friend.. Well here's the story.

Im 34 shes 21 we just started going out been with each other a week. We get along wonderfully Already met each others parents and things so far are wonderful.

So my question is what do I get and how much is the right amount to spend on her.

I was thinking jewelry... about maybe $100-$200 dollars?

I need help please answer this.. Quick

Thanks Eric


She is a model, singer and has done some acting. She is into art and music alot. I like the doing something together idea.

Thanks for everyone who replied.

Very Helpfully..

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    1 decade ago
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    If you've only been going out a week then don't waste $100-$200. Get her a burger from McDonalds or something, maybe a pack of gum at the most.

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    Everyone does the jewelry thing and to be honest its a 'safe' gift but I think you could do better for the same price range. Do you know anything that she likes? Maybe getting her something creative like a day at the spa, my then husband put two hundred dollars down at this really nice salon and they let me pick and choose what I could get done so I ended up with a few pedicures and what not. Is there anything that she's always wanted to do? You could also do something cool like get her some sort of plane ride, hot-air balloon ride, or a class or lesson (like you two taking dance lessons or an art/cooking class) or just some activity that you could both do together...(I know its the winter season in the context of plane rides but Im just throwing some ideas out that might be cool to do that will make for some great experiences and memories for you two as a couple). I am sure that no matter what you give her that she will appreciate it for the sole fact that it came from you and that there was thought and love behind it. Good luck and take care:)

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    I wouldn't dive THAT deep. I would say a fragrance. Something from Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works. They have really great gift packs of perfumes. VS has cute PJ's too. It's too soon to invest in the relationship by buying her jewelry. Good luck.

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    This is a tough dont want to spend too much and freak everyone out and you dont want to spend too little and freak everyone out.

    Plus you dont want to get anything that has any "hidden meaning" and freak everyone out.

    I say a nice pair of gold earrings or even a lesser stone, like a topaz or a citrine will do the trick.

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    Im 20 and If I guy I were seeing for only a week bought my jewelry I wouldn't like it. I say get her a gift certificate for victoria's secret and a cute blanket from target, and a couple dvds.

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    Any guy who needs to ruin you is continuously welcome to. that is somewhat loopy that he needs to spend that on you after 7 weeks, in spite of the undeniable fact that it truly is proper. in spite of the undeniable fact that, in case you 2 have in effortless words been mutually that lengthy, he doesn't recognize your mothers and fathers that properly yet. If i'd been mutually with someone that length of time, i does no longer purchase their mothers and fathers some thing. perchance a card, or some goodies. some thing rather small. you may propose he supply them a $20 giftcard to a cafe or a field of effective goodies or some thing from a bakery. those are effective presents for the mothers and fathers as you don't recognize them like the single you're relationship.

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    Coming form a girl, any gift is great form that special someone in your life. Jewelry would be a great gift. Also, try something more thought full like making something, picture frame with both of your pictures in it. Well she will like what ever you get her....

    Merry Christmas and happy gift getting!!

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    Jewelery I think is too much too early well maybe not but stay away from rings :o) I would go for perfume something soft and sweet like she is ;o)) I love Celine Dion or Noah Perle

    Good luck...

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    A really nice piece of jewelry would be nice. Like a necklace or even a bracelet...earrings...Good Luck!

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    yeah, i would say a pretty necklace would be nice. nothing extravagent, but pretty. its not about how much it is, $50-$100 would probably be good if it looks nice.

    what is she in to? does she like sports or gardening or anything like that? if so, get her something she could use in her hobby.

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