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how do you create a slide in powerpoint with words that come flying when displaying the slide?

i think i am somehow clear

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    Type the text you want and right click in the text box. click custom animation and a bar on the right hand side should come up. Click 'Add' and pick one. Hope this helps you =]

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    Create the slide the way that you want it. Then click on and select the image/text that you want to apply the animation to. Click on "Slide Show" at the top in the menu bar.

    That will bring up a side window that will show you all of your animation options. Click on each option and it will give you a preview of what the animation will look like with that text - then just choose the one you like!

    If you have any issues, press your F1 button and type "animation" into the help section and it'll give you detailed, step-by-step instructions.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yep... I know what you are talking about.

    1. Use the Word-Art to create the text you want to fly in.

    2. Right click on that text and select 'Custom Animation'

    3. In the Custom Animation window, select the effect you want.

    4. Also configure the properties, e.g. speed, direction etc. to get the desired effect.


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    On the slide you want text on, after your type on your text go to cusomize and click on effects and chose assending or a various list of other effects. It will show by a star what you have chosen and you can play that slide to see if that is what you want, if not click remove and try another. Good luck, it makes people stare in awe.

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