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How long do i have to wait to breed my pit?

I have a 7 month old pit and i want to no how old she has to be before i start to breed her.

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    After you do your research on breeding Pit Bulls. Let me get you started:

    "It is estimated that up to 200 Pit Bulls are killed EVERY DAY in Los Angeles County, CA, shelters alone because there are not enough homes for them. Imagine the number across the entire United States..."

    Read more of the statistics here:

    Then continue on to these sites:

    Think you can live up to the standards established here?

    If none of this makes you stop and think, then at the very least wait until she's 2 years old and has passed her genetic testing.

    Source(s): Dog trainer/handler/responsible breeder for 20 years.
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    At least 2 yrs.But please put alot of thought into this before you breed her.

    Pits are so overbred that they're a dime a dozen now unless you have 2 with excellant bloodlines.And with all the fools there are in the world that think they can handle a pit but want to treat it like a stuffed animal what kind of lives will the pups be forced to lead.How many will end up in shelters where they'll be put down rather than adopted out because of their breed?Add to that the fact that Breed Specific Laws are popping up all over and more places than you can imagine are trying to erradicate the breed altogether by the time your dog is mature enough to breed you may be forced to put her down or find another place to live.

    You may want the experience or you feel your dog should have the experience or maybe you want one of her pups.Whatever the reason it's not worth the aggravation.If you can't find buyers for the pups it's doubtful you'll be able to give them away.And anyone wanting a free pitbull should be of great concern to you as horrible people take these pups and use them for bait to get their pits ready to fight.

    Please get her spayed.

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    First I think you need to ask yourself. Why do you need to breed your pit anyway? If you are asking when you are supposed to be breeding your dog, I don't think that you have enough knowledge to be a responsible breeder. There are tons of dogs in shelters and pit rescue. If you are breeding your dog just to get some money you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. I don't think any dog should be bred before they are two years of age. Health checks should be done. Temperment should be stable and well balanced and the dog should have very good structure.

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    You shouldn't. If you want to breed her with a pro, ask the pro when's a good time. Too many pits are killed everyday due to everyday people breeding them thinking people want pups. Those pups are generally taken to the pound by age 2. Or worse they get neglected and end up on the news for killing another dog, a kid or mauling an adult. Pits are not bad dogs, but need extra attention, most people do not give them that, so you will not be giving life to loving pups that will be loved for ever, you are wanting to give life to loving pups that get hurt and forget what love is. Sorry if you don't care for this but it happens to often, i can send you to some pretty bad sites that will show you graphic details of what happens to these dogs.

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    Don't breed a female before they are two years old. Their hips aren't mature enough and you could kill her and the pups. And, it will take that long to determine if your dog has the kind of temperament and intelligence that you would actually want to breed. Remember, one breeds for the benefit of the breed, to breed out the bad qualities and retain the good. Don't breed randomly, we have enough dogs in the world.

    If you think you may make some money on breeding your dog, forget it. If you want to sell your puppies you will have to have them spayed, have their dew claws removed, get all their shots and have the tests run for inherent disease and defect. Add this on top of the cost of feeding, keeping them warm, all the puppy supplies that go with breeding, and you understand why only people who absolutely adore a breed woud take on this challenge.

    Don't be selfish, please, leave the breeding to the experts and have your precious little girl spayed.

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    Different dogs and dog breeds mature differently. I suggest waiting until the second heat cycle of your dog. She will still be maturing during her first cycle that happens between the age of 9 months to an year. She will cycle every 6 months, give or take a couple of weeks. Some people breed the first heat cycle and the puppies are fine, but it takes a lot of toll on the female in the long run, especially if you plan to breed ehr more than once. Sometimes they encounter false pregnancies on the first heat cycle or other issues. You can only plan to breed her every 6 months, so start watching her around months old and keep track of her first cycle, you can plan her breeding 6 months from thit time.

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    I breed Miniture Pinchers and they are alot smaller and differant then a pit of course and my vet tells every dog owner that she see's not to breed their female dog untill after their 2nd birthday cause they are still growning, and maturing, so i never breed my female miniture Pinchers untill they reach their 2nd birthday,, it is alot safer on the dog if you wait till they turn 2 before they are bred,,, cause they will be a better mother as well,, I hope this helps and good luck if you decide to breed cause it is alot of work and stress as well cause alot of things can go wrong during the delivery and raising the puppies, the mother as well can get milk fever, uterin infections after giving birth and the list goes on,, im not trying to tell you not to breed cause that is your choice but im trying to warn you that things can go wrong,,, I hope this has helped and if you have any other questions about breeding and what you will need before your female gives birth please email me and i will be happy to help you out the best i can,

    Source(s): Miniture Pincher Breeder
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    Wait until they are at least 2 years of age. 2 1/2 to 3 is the best time to breed your dog.

    I am not going to yell at you and say "Don't breed your dog", but I am going to say do lots of research so you are ready when the pups will be born.

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    If your dog isn't fixed, chances are you'll notice when she reaches sexual maturity. Dogs in heat can be very, very annoying. This should take place around 8 to 9 months of age, although some larger dog breeds can take up to a year.

    It's off the subject, but if you plan on breading your pit bull PLEASE be very careful of who you sell the puppies to. You wouldn't want your dog's babies ending up in a dog fighting ring, would you? Just a word of advice.

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    The recommended breeding age is 2 yrs old, as they are both physically and sexually mature by then.

    Either way, please spay her, there are too many Pits at shelters dying, because the breed has a bad reputation, unfortunately. Let people who are interested in a Pit, rescue one that needs a home, and is in a life/death situation.

    Enjoy your Pit girl as a pet, and don't turn her into a breeding machine/money maker, please. She deserves better.

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