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What compatibility factors should we use to screen a potential male mate?

Age? Weight? Height? Education? Spirituality? Emotional Stability? Attractibility? Or simply, their right heart condition?


Actually I meant to ask for a potential mate, whether male or female. So what about it folks, what should we really look at in choosing a potential mate - what really matters - the surface or the substance of a person?

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    When I first freely dated, it was physical attraction and personality. When I was a young adult, I looked for 'believing' in God, good education, ambition and nice looks. Fast forward 25 yrs, post-divorce...what I look for today: He must be a godly man, with God as #1, close to my age, goals, can love me, patient, needs me, and "cute" will do.

    I am engaged to a godly man whose dream is to be a pastor, 10 yrs 4 months younger than I, cute as a button, loves me to pieces, extols more patience than I deserve, and he needs me. In his bio (we met via he said that he was a guy with a big heart - which is so true!

    So, according to the stages in my life, the priorities shifted. I think I got it right this time!

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    Make sure male is registered and has papers, make sure the parents don't have medical conditions, ears and eyes are clean and of course is not neutered.

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    none of the above

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    Measure whatever can be measured. At the end...he shouldn't feel that you don't measure up to him!

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    all the above

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