Do people believe in religion just because it makes them feel good about the world?

People acknowledge that they cannot prove their faith, but they still believe. I think they still believe because its not about proof or logic. It's about putting a positive and meaningful spin on life, and relying on faith shields them from evidence to the contrary.

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    Yes, but that is not the only reason. Many religious people have beliefs which make them absolutely miserable in this lifetime. However, they keep it up because they hope that after they die, then life will be better. Yes, they're better off dead. Others believe in religion due to conformity, authority, indoctrination, an affinity to please others, etc. The reasons are vast, but having "hope" that something has a plan, knows why evil things happen when we don't, and has unconditional love for people makes some people feel comforted. For some, religion is a security blanket which protects them from the scary reality that doesn't love them, doesn't answer their prayers, and never does anything against the laws of the universe. That's a scary thought for many.

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    in a sense you're right -- faith does shield the believer from false evidence that's contrary to the knowledge of God. Which is fear (False Evidnece Appearing Real).

    Because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

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    All i can say is if you truely have faith you can prove it and it can be see by examining peoples life i have dealt with alot of hard times and people has told me they could see and feel my faith.I was blown away when i had someone tell me that.Another case i was praying for a certain person we had prayer partners and the person you was praying for didnt know who was praying for who everyone wrote down their prayer request and we drew prayers a goup of us was standing their talking to the person i had been praying for and she said that she could feel the prayers the person that was praying for her was praying and she had never done that before the lady is 68 and i was only 36 so she has had more prayers then i've ever done so that was also amazing she had been putting that same prayer erquest in for several years and never felt it until then that really encouraged me to pray even more.So you see it really exist all you have to do is open your eyes and look around.

    Source(s): personal experience and wow it was an experience a real eye opener
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    You are right. On the other hand, faith and reason goes hand in hand. Reason helps us in understanding faith. I believe that Christians can prove their faith according to St. Paul, through their Good works.

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    The really odd thing is that some religions make people feel BAD about the world - condemnatory of others, abusive of our lovely green planet, and so on.

    It makes no sense to me.

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    You should believe in religion if and only if it makes YOU feel good about the world, yourself, and dying. But those of course aren't the only reasons one chooses a religion.

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    I don't know about other religions, but Christianity actually makes you feel BAD about the world! It gives you hope for a better life after this one, in this fallen world.

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    I am a part of a religion, but I believe in the Bible. Read it. maybe you will be enlightened. But remember Religion cant save you. faith in God, Knowledge of the only true God can.

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    Faith isn't about proof or logic.

    How do you know you love someone, or someone loves you.

    What's the proof or logic? Or is it faith?

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    no we believe in religion so we can be with a god who loves us and that there is a place after death we go to. heaven or hell

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