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My 9 month old has really dry skin, any baby lotion recommendations?

My baby girl seems to have really dry skin, I bath her every day and I have since she was 3 months old and it hasn't really been a problem in the past but now that it's winter, it seems like her skin is drying out a lot more. I tried skipping baths, and bathing her every other night but she gets a diaper rash when I do that (she has a sensitive toush). Right now I use the Huggies nourishing lotion, do you have a suggestion of one that might work better?

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    Keri lotion, its greasy but it locks in the moisture, and its for severe dryness. I used it on my kids when they were first born and they dried out after day 2 of being in the world. Which is understandable after living in water. Keri, think they sell it at the store.

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    If there is concern of dry skin, bathing every day will only make it worse! If diaper rash or irritation is an issue go ahead and wash her bottom in the tub or sink or just use a washcloth to sponge bathe. We use Aquaphilic. It is behind the counter at the pharmacy, but doesn't require a perscription. A little goes a long way and I use it on all my kids excema! I used various other baby and adult lotions and nothing has had the same great results for us.

    I also suggest you look for "soap-free" cleansers. Johnsons has one and Dove is one. This may also help.

    Source(s): Day care provider and My own life
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    What kind of detergent are you using? Make sure it is Dreft or a detergent with no dyes of perfumes in it. Tide and all have them also your dryer sheets the same no perfumes or dyes. Do not add fabric softner to her clothes.

    One good thing to use on her bottom for the best diaper rash protector is Desitin and vaseline mixed together, works like a charm. Just try it you will be amazed how well it works. Then hopefully you won't have to bathe her everyday.

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    Ever thing from Burt's Bees "Baby Bee" line is great. My son was getting dry skin until we switched to an unscented baby wash. Make sure everything you use is unscented (detergent, shampoo, body wash, lotion...)

    For the diaper rash try Boudreaux Butt Paste (from Target & other places). or a little of the Burt's Bees creme. It's far gentler than Desetin.

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    Try using a lotion with out mineral oil. Mineral oil will just sit on top of the skin and never absorb into the skin to relieve the dryness. You can test this by putting a salt cracker into a bowl full of baby-oil. The cracker will never absorb the oil and 20 min. later the cracker will still be hard. The same effect with your skin.

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    Stop bathing her every day. Babies that young don't actually get *dirty*, and don't need daily baths. (On the days you don't put her in the tub, take a damp cloth and sponge bathe her.) We went round and round with my mom about this when she used to watch my sons on a regular basis while I was working. Every day after lunch she'd give them a good bath, slather baby lotion on them, then wonder why their skin was STILL dry. I finally put my foot down and said NO MORE daily baths. Switch to bathing them every other day, stop gooping them up with lotion, and see what happens. Now they have perfect, moisturized, beautiful skin. :)

    If you're going to insist on bathing them every day, use Eucarin lotion and unscented/dye free Dove (bar) soap.

    Source(s): My sons' pediatrician
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    On my daughter I've always used Baby Aveeno products.

    For your daughters age 2 tbls of Baby Aveeno Bath Treatment (oatmeal) daily

    Baby Aveeno Bath wash

    Baby Aveeno Diaper cream

    Change her wipes to Pampers Sensitive wipes

    My daughter uses pampers.

    My daughter has always had really sensitive skin. She has exzema and these products have worked well for us. She is now a toddler and still uses them.

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    I love Burt's Bees Baby Bee Skincream. It's natural, thick and smells great. Most of the lotions at the grocery store contain chemicals such as formaldehyde so that the animal based products don't go rancid. Ewww!

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    Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream...even if your little one doesnt have eczema, this works wonders on all dry skin. You can get it at Walmart for $4 a tube and it smells really good.

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