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Ok, firstly it's not a big deal but i got really jealous. My boyfriend is staying with his mom and cousin. His cousin, Kari's best friend Beth also stays there. Well like 4 years ago maybe 3 my boyfriend and Beth hooked up. She was his first. Now they live in the same house. He don't like her like that and it was a one time thing. He has never lied to me and never given me a reason not to trust him, so I trust him but i am still jealous over her. and she's fat and ugly. But the fact of my boyfriend whom i am going to marry and live with is living there while she's there. She see's him more than I do. He says it's nothing and he loves me and i know he does, but why am i so damn jealous of her when she's got nothing on me? I know he don't care about her because he has already asked me to marry him and move in with him and we are trying to have a baby, but still why am i being like this?

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    its a natural part of a relationship and you are doing good alot better than i would be i would be throwing a tantrum and fits to get her out of his life if you trust him thats all that counts i dont think you have anything to worry about it is just the fact that she got to be his first and you wished that you where his first and not her i think that with my fiance cause he was treated badly and he dated ugly or fat chics before me

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    Please don't come on this site and threaten people. No one on Yahoo answers gets removed for negative responses. Negative responses are not in violation of any Yahoo guidelines. When you ask a question, you have to be prepared for the good and the bad. Some answers you won't like -- tough! That's life.

    Now, to answer your question. Only you can control your jealousy. If you need help, seek therapy. It's highly unlikely that his ex is either fat or ugly -- your "green-eyed monster" is showing.

    Since your bf lives with his Mom, he cannot control who else lives there. So cut him some slack on that front. And since he still living with Mom, he must be young. Based on your question, you are obviously very young as well. IMO, planning to get married and have a child when you are young and very immature may not be the smartest move. Why not take a year or two to grow up a bit?

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    Its never easy to have an ex girlfriend that close to your boyfriend, especially knowing she was his first. You want what you have to be just between you two and maybe her having the same thing at one time is causing the jealousy. You need to deal with trust issues and find out what is making you jealous, because it can harm you more than it can help. Good luck

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    Because she has a little bit of the past from him. She was his first and you were not. You can't help how you feel, but you want to be sure you don't act on it because you'll just look foolish. Stop beating that poor girl up about it too - calling her "fat and ugly" isn't going to make you any more wonderful. If you trust him and love him like you say then it's all good - right? Step back and get a good perspective on it.

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    First of all her being "Fat and ugly" is still making you jealous, so maybe the fact that she was his first, is getting you this way. If you trust him then just brush it off, but if you seriously have doubts tell him about it. Im sure if you were living with your ex that was also your first he would have the same reaction regardless if he trusts you or not. It is totally nartural. So the best advise is to just be up front and tell him how badly it is bothering you.

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    Any women who is honest with herself, would have to say, they would have an issue with this. You can do the mature thing and have trust in your boyfriend, unless he gives you a reason not to. Human Beings are not animals, and we make conscious choices. What your feeling is probably pretty normal, it is how you deal with it that counts. Hold your breath if you have to, it will all be over soon. I would not want to be in this position. Good luck and God bless****

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    that's just natural, but why would you report abuse against peo-ple trying to help. I tend to stay on the positive side. Anyways, you called her fat and ugly which shows you are jealous because that's just not something nice to say about anyone. I think it's just natural and way in the back of your head you feel like there could be a tiny chance that something could happen between them. But he asked you to marry him, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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    Because you are human and a woman. Its only human nature to look upon those past loves of your current boyfriend with the green eyes of envy and because you are a woman it is even more intense. So just get yourself together and understand its just the way we are wired. When we find that person that makes us happy...hell we just wanna be the only one and it hurts to know we are not......especially when the other person is fat and ugly...lmao!

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  • It;s normal to feel that way especially since she was your man's first, but I have to tell you, if you continue to push the issue he may become to feel smothered and wonder why he is with someone that is so jealous. He has already told you that he loves you, you guys are going to get married sometime, I know it's hard to forget she is living there with him., but it seems to me has already made his decision, he wants so. Don't worry about the other girl. regardless of where she lives, your man loves you!

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