Are there any good Jehovah's Witnesses Christmas songs???????????????????


Who would want to be someone that didn't celebrate anything? A bunch of party poopers!!!!

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    There are a great many things we celebrate as individuals, as a family, and as a congregation! They may not seem like anything to YOU, but we feel that they are fun, respectful to our religion, and within the border of obedience to Jehovah. We give gifts to others at weddings, to celebrate baptism, or the anniversary of either one of those; we even have Snow Day, or Balloon Day parties in our home, where we plan on a day, buy gifts ( or better yet, and most often make them) decorate the house with streamers and have friends over to share in the fun. We get together often as a congregation, eating together and spending the afternoons or evenings playing basketball or flag football, or sometimes it's a couple of families together and we play cards, or swim, or go to the lake together. There is so much of this life that I am not interested in, and no matter how well it's dressed up, and no matter who else is doing it, and no matter how many folks think I'm strange, I will not suddenly cave in and think spending money you may not have, on people you wouldn't buy a gift for any OTHER time, for a reason that is not true anyhow is OK. OR something I would want to do again. I used to... but no more! And am I ever happier! Stress free will do that to you. :)

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    I am uniquely suited to answer this question because (a) I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and (b) because I am currently *somewhat* edging my way into secular holidays. Witnesses celebrate life, love, family, and the incorporation of God's will into all of these categories. As for songs, there are many wonderful songs in the songbook. Just because Witnesses don't celebrate *most* holidays (Passover is the exception) doesn't make them "party poopers." They celebrate graduations, weddings, anniversaries, births, baptisms, etc. Although I have decided to pursue a different course for now, I still respect and value my religious education. The problem occurs when others assume that Witnesses scorn all holidays and anyone who celebrates them. That isn't the case. They just celebrate different things in different ways. It doesn't make it wrong.

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  • KaeMae
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    They have nice songs in their songbook. But they don't celebrate pagan holidays. It's nice to see that their are people who don't just go with the flow. They know that Christmas is not Christ's birthday, so they don't celebrate, but they are certainly not party poopers. They just celebrate for different things than other people choose to celebrate. They celebrate the memorial of Christ's death. They celebrate baptism. and many other things.

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope because Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate any Holidays.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Uhhhh, Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate holidays so. . .connect the dots. I've attached a link below, but you may want to talk to a real Jehovah's Witness to confirm if the details are correct.

  • 4 years ago

    hi um properly Jehovah witnesses believe on what the bible says they in effortless words coach the bible yet in view of ur question they ask wether birthdays are in a positive mild contained in the bible. There are in effortless words 2 debts of birthdays contained in the bible. the first one is in Genesis 40:20-22" Now on the 0.33 day it grew to develop into out to be Pharaoh's birthday, and he proceeded to make a dinner party ... for this reason he again the govtof the cupbearers to his submit of spite of the undeniable fact that the govtof the bakers he hung up" the different account of a birthday is simirlar. Jehovah wittnesses take be conscious that God's observe comments unfavorably about birthday celebrations and so shun those. U also ask about christmas. properly one encyclopedia informs us " the reason behind organising December 25th as Christmas is rather obscure, in spite of the undeniable fact that it truly is continuously held that the day develop into chosen to correspond to pagan fairs that got here about around the time of the wintry climate solstice, at the same time as the days commence to elongate to celebrate the rebirth of the solar. for this reason Jehovah wittnesses does no longer opt for to celebrate a pagan pageant also Luke 2:8-11 shows that shepards were contained in the fields at evening on the time of Jesus' delivery. The e book on a daily basis lifestyles in time of Jesus states" the flocks.... handed wintry climate undercover; and from this by myself it could be considered that the classic date for christmas contained in the wintry climate, is not likely to be precise. And decrease back to the reason about no longer celebrating birthdays then they does no longer celebrate Jesus' delivery as Jesus even stated to maintain in ideas his lack of lifestyles yet stated no longer some thing about his delivery. desire this help dan

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    very funny, you know that those people dont believe in celebrating anything

  • 1 decade ago

    JWs are a cult that is controled by the Watchtower orginization... I do not think they even recognize Christmas...

  • 1 decade ago

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    no they dont do holidays

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