I need your honest opinion everyone?

I hear that if you break up with someone and you at first beg them to take you back that all it does it push them farther away. Also that once you stop doing that to them they will start seeing other things about you rather then you just annoying them and realize that they still do love you what do you think it makes sense i think if you keep demanding someone to do something they usually dont do it in any situation but if you just let it go it usually works better i really want her back

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    first offf.... everyone is different and acts different. that might push 1 person away, but it might attract another. depends truly on who they are. most of the time though... it will give them mixed signals like "why did he/she break up with me?.... and now he/she wants me back?" its confusing to them. it's kinda like you are playing ahrd to get. if you do it for too long, that person could realize that they dont want to get their hopes up and keep on getting confused by ur actions. i would talk to that person. don't try the breakup & beg them method. it's confusing and will add alot of uneccessary drama to the relationship. good luck tho!

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    well not in all cases is the same if you beg for the first time it depends in what the situation is . like why is she letting you go? sometimes if you beg they reconsider but you shoudn't specially if you are not doing anything wrong. if you don't beg but its your fault well then best guessing your not worth her time. it not your fault you don't beg don't expect for things to fall out of the sky ask why is she braking up with you. if its reasonable tell her how you feel if it not then well then find your self somebody that appriciates you. Bottom line you don't have to beg but pride is not going to ger anywhere either .. communication is needed in every kind of relationship no matter what the situations . Best guessing she is not worth it... nothing is simple just move on and remember that the human heart sees wut D eyes are blind 2 c and know what the mind can't seem to understand ur vision will b come clear only when you can look into ur own heart. look ahead know that somebody who really loves you will love you for what you are. love your self then be your self.........

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    the only way u can get her back unless u n her hav special moment that she will nv 4get , y is she asking 4 break up? n what is the problem? did u make her mad or she is seeing some 1 better than u? if she does that that u means u have 2 let her go , i m sorry to say this, if a gal break up for no reason u will stand a chance to win her back but if ur competitor make her break up with u that means u loss a battle u hav to try harder .

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    Oh I can relate to this question. When I divorced my ex, he had begged for me to take him back. Nothing is more pathetic than begging. Nope, every shred of his manhood was gone in a flash. I will never take him back. Never demand, never insist, never cry, and never ever beg. So if you want her back, you have to look at what the problems were or they will resurface again.

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    Also that once you stop doing that to them they will start seeing other things about you rather then you just annoying them and realize that they still do love you


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    yes, love is very complex and confusing. the person you love has the ability to make you soar, btu also the ability to crush you completely.they are responsoble for you failures and your successes. you live for them and die because of them. love is weird, you can't buy it, you can't sell it. so if it's not yours then it's not yours, you can't make them love you. Look over the relationship, ask yourself about actions not words. Everything happens for a reason.

    Just because you love someone doesn't mean that they are good for you or that you are good for them. Contrary to popular belief, just loving someone isn't enough. It takes a lot of hard work to make a relationship work, a lot of trust, communication and compromise.

    If you always fell in love with the person that is perfect for you, women wouldn't get married to abusive drug users and men wouldn't be married to women who belittle them and mock their efforts.

    I had a girlfriend once who was like this. She claimed I was the best guy in the universe for her and kept reminding me. But once it was time to get really serious, she cut of her emotions for me like a light switch. I learned later that she just liked the feeling she got being with a nice guy at the moment, but when it came time to really get serious, she bailed, and felt she was done with those feelings and went out to find a bad boy so she could have the "thrill" feelings again.

    "What happened to us, happened for good. What is happening to us is happening for good. What will happen to us will happen for our good."

    So don't

  • you broke up for a reason and even if you get back together that reason will still be there. when you break up leave it alone and move on. if they decide they want you back...remember the reason you broke up in the first place and ask them upfront if they can handle that issue still being there. unless its a bad habit then maybe you can change that and it might work.

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    why did you break up with her,, you have to do somethin.. got some charm?? take her out someone,, flowers chocalate work the works

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