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bile in stomach?

i've had digestive problems for a few years (discomfort after eating, pain, fullness, trapped wind etc) and had some tests couple weeks ago. it revealed that i've got hiatal hernia, bile in my stomach and the stomach was unusual shape which makes it harder to empty. my main problem i think is bile which is not supposed to be there and shape.

as long as i can't change stomach shape still wonder if there's anything i can do about bile? (i was prescribed domperidone - doesn't help much)... are there any natural remedies or other medicine to keep it out of my stomach and what are the causes of bile being in your stomach?

any advice is very appreciated!

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    The only thing that can cause bile to be in the stomach is a problem with your pyloric sphincter (the sphincter that is between your stomach and your small intestines)

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    wow sweety, that doesn't sound very good. Still though it sounds like its a genetic thing with your stomach being shaped irregulary.....which I have never even heard of. It soudns like something surgery would likely fix though....let them do more tests so they can better explain it. Bile in the stomach would def cause problems. Good luck, sorry I couldn't be of help.

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    I know that bile in the digestive track is to help break down the food. I don't think you can get rid of it entirely.

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