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Scantron tests are not accurate?

I hate those stupid green scantron things. OMG the thing makes no sense to me, and then when I get it back it's got little red dots on it from some computer! On my history test, the answer to this one question was the letter A. So I colored in A by mistake on the next line, but then erased it but the stupid thing still says its wrong.

And one time I used pen and the whole thing was messed. WTF? Why do computers need to mark our tests?

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    its just easier to grade cause they can do a bunch at once. it specifically says to use pencil, so the fact that you used pen was your own fault.

    as for the erased one still getting marked as wrong, just show it to your teacher, it happens, they know that and should be willing to fix your grade

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    Well, scantrons make things easier because they allow teachers to automate the grading process. Of course, whenever technology comes into play, things get a little risky in the department of accuracy.

    Here's some tips that should help you with your next text:

    1. Always use a No. 2 pencil. There is a reason why they say this. The Scantron machine uses light to detect where you've placed your answers. If you use a pencil that doesn't reflect the light well enough, then it won't be detected. Pen doesn't do this well at all, and that is probably the reason that your test was messed up.

    2. Darken in lightly as you take the test. It is academic suicide to mark your answers completely dark while you are filling out the test. If you have the possibility to write on the test, do your answers there, and don't even touch the scantron until you are sure of your answers.

    3. Make sure that you have a good eraser. It would probably be a good idea to get a block eraser, as those tend to work much better than the ones included in pencils.

    4. Scantrons are different all around. If you don't understand the grading system the machine uses, ask your teacher. They will be able to explain it to you.

    5. Be calm when you are filling out the scantron. It will minimize mistakes like putting an answer on the wrong line. This also goes with making sure that your answers are what you want them to be before you finalize the document.

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    b/c teachers have gotten as lazy as the students. if u had erased well enough it wouldnt have marked it wrong. and it was ur fault using the pen. its not like the teacher doesnt go thru the SAME diatribe each time u take a test on attention next time to what u have in ur hand.

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    because teachers have too much to do already. computerized tests make it easier. however the test card should be double checked to verify that you in fact put the right answer in after you erased the wrong one.

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    I understand where ur coming from, i agree completly. I hate them too.

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    when you erase they will still mark the answer

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    i feel you i hate them to

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