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Severe Tooth Pain after CEREC Ceramic Crown, onlays on bottom 18 and 19.?

Over a month ago I had two old silver fillings replaced with Cermic Crown Onlays. I do not have my wisdom teeth, they were pulled many years ago. I have returned to see the dentist three times now. After x-rays he insists that the pain is coming from grinding at night. I now have a guard for night use. He has adjusted my bite several times. I have thought about sinus pain causing the pain, but the pain is coming from the bottom two teeth. He has performed several tests but still can not conclude why I am having pain. There seems to be no infection or swelling, but severe cold and hot pain after eating and drinking for up to 20 seconds. The x-rays did not show anything, in fact he said the onlays are perfect with no cracks. Could the onlays be tight causing severe pain? Will it go away? I am taking 600-800mg of Ibuprofen, 5 times a day. Sometimes, it actually does feel like the pain is coming from the top. Antibiotics? Do I need a root canal? I am in crazy pain!!!!! Help!!!

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    You could have an exposed nerve.

    I would suggest going to another dentist to get a second opinion.

    I just recently had a filling replaced and I was in pain for about a month also. Turned out I had an exposed nerve.

    Good luck! Hope it gets better!

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    It sounds to me like a typical reaction to crowning. You have to realize that the tooth is extremely traumatized when a tooth is ground down for the crown and the crown itself is seated.

    I have this EVERY time I get a crown done (and I've gotten EIGHT). My husband had the same experience. His (as well as my) sensitivity lasted about 12 weeks.

    Just avoid using the teeth on that side for a while and take Motrin for the pain when it becomes severe.

    Good luck.

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    sounds like my same situation and i have been told by two dentists that the nerve should "settle down" after a while-could take up to a year...i couldnt believe it when i heard it. it will be a year in February and i still have pain on a daily basis. cant chew on that tooth either. no pressure, hot or cold......i guess its root canal time. i have given it my all. do you want to wait as long as I did? my stomach is bad now from all the ibuprofen i have been taking. good luck. hope your tooth resolves on its own.

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    Depends. I got two fillings at once and only one hurt after ward. There maybe an infection or its just pressure on the tooth from the filling. Take some pain killers, mainly ibeprophin. If it still hurts in one week later call ur dentist.

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    You might need a canal like my sister had to have

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