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Where can I get Polish books translated to English?

Waldemar Lysiak for instance

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    Unfortunately, it looks as if his books aren't being translated. (Amazon's a good place to check for translations of other authors). If translations aren't being published, you're really not going to be able to get an English translation. Translation is a very long process (a good translation can take years of finding just the right words and editing) and not something that someone could just do for you even if they speak Polish and English.

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    I have read Stanislaw Lem and really liked him. I like this apocalyptic kind of sci-fi - a bit like Ray Bradbury and Harry Harrison. Solaris was made into a film as well. Czeslaw Milosz was also brilliant, although I only read 'The Captive Mind' by him. Very interesting book about life under the Communists. Pornografia by Gombrowicz is very funny, and also has that extremely bitter-funny taste of Polish life. Pan Tadeusz is a famous old poem by Adam Mickiewicz, for which you need to know lots of the history of Poland and Eastern Europe to understand it. Even then, I found it quite boring, although I'm not a big fan of epic poems full stop.

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