Is there some way people can petition for banning of MTV's racist and sexist videos?

They won't even play mtv at our college because the videos and shows that they air are to racist and sexist. Why hasn't much been done to stop this type of crap. Most of the videos are about "kill whitey' or degrading women. How do you feel about this when you see young children that want to be pimps,playas and strippers when they get big!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I have NEVER seen any video saying anything about "Kill Whitey", but okay. You have other options. There are plenty of other TV channels you can watch. I haven't seen any racist videos, but there are plenty of sexist videos out there. I don't like them, so I don't watch them.

    As far as young children wanting to be pimps, playas and strippers, basically its sad that they don't have parents who teach them values. I grew up seeing all kind of stuff, but I had parents who taught me right from wrong.

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    The general culture would have to stop consuming it. That is what drives production of it upward. It's a free-market society , of course, and a free marketplace of ideas, so to speak. This is what "the kids" are doing (some of them at least) today. Is it good? Probably not. But, in the 50's , the "establishment" was up-at-arms about kids "gyrating" like Elvis. Prior to that, they were appalled that the kids were listening to jazz music. So, in a sense, this whole rap / hiphop thing is merely a new variation on an old theme; youthful rebellion, adult hand-wringing and hollering about it. It is, perhaps, arguably more destructive and degenerative than the rock and roll of the 50's, or the jazz of the years prior to that. But, is there some way to "petition for banning" it, and all of the videos, etc, that go along with it? Not unless you want to try to get people to petition banning the First Amendment.

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    Yip, there is actually a few ways....

    You can Press Channel Up

    You can Press Channel Down

    You can Press TV Off

    You can not pay your cable bill

    You can write your local congressman


    I can't believe i got a thumbs down! Yes, there was some sarcasm but, seriously, its a cable channel, not Public free TV. Are you gonna petition HBO, ever watch the Saprano's F-bombs all day long, Ever Watch cinemax after 11pm??? Sex All night long. Are you gonna petition the playboy channel too?

    I also hate MTV, and i will not let my kids watch it, but i'm not a gonna petition it cause they aren;t playing the videos i want, they dont even play videos anymore except at 7am & 4pm for about 1 hr, and they only play 30% of the video. Quit your crying! And start your own station! You even have a niche since there arent many American Music Video stations anymore.

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    1 decade ago

    When kids get older, they make their own responsible decisions on how they let tv affect them. if people raise their child right, then they don't have to worry about mtv or a simple show affecting them. mtv is not racist or sexist, its just videos and entertainment.

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    1 decade ago

    MTV shows videos since when?

    Make a list of advertisers and write them. Or you could hit the off button on your television but busybodies never try that one.

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    MTV is a big sellout!!! They go w/ whatever is "hot" at the moment. It is part of the reason these kids are so messed up today!!

    Mr Happy


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    Where do I sign?


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    1 decade ago

    don't watch MTV

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