Have you ever done spiritual practice that was extreme self care? If so, how did you respond?


Buddhist practice often inspires feelings of bliss. I see that happiness is a choice. So, I associate bliss with self care. I'm working to overcome habits of suffering. Do you have any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Extreme self care? I suppose you mean mortification of the flesh?

    Mild forms of mortification of the flesh was quite common in pre vatican II Catholicism, and moderate to severe mortification was also rather common. (Vatican II, held in the '60's, removed many of the ritualistic excesses of the Catholic church, with mixed results.) As a baby boomer growing up Catholic during that time, I've done my share, and seen my share. Nuns often wore hairshirts and other painful devices under their voluminous garb, and stress positions for prayer were routine. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, a modern saint, used such devices. I could go on but you get the idea.

    I sense a sexual undertone to your question, and I realise that some people do derive physical pleasure from pain. There's a fancy Latin word for this, I forget what it is but you can look it up. It is considered sinful in the Catholic church, as a form of m@sturbation. Remember, Catholics believe that -any- form of sexual pleasure outside of marriage is sinful.

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