I need to look really pretty! Help!?

I'm a tall girl with long curly hair and light skin. I have no idea what to do with either one of these. The hair has to go up in some sort of hair do and i have to wear makeup. I'm completly clueless as to how to work any of this so any guidance will be appreciated!

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    hair: put your fingers at the tip of the end of your eyebrow, and lift the hair that begins from there. hold it with a "pin" (sorry donno the word for it)

    make up: go for a natural look. maybe foundation that would make your skin look just a little bit darker, pinkish blush. black eye liner from the inside of your eye. natural lipstick, and lipgloss on top

    btw, im sure you might even look pretty without the make up :)

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    ok i see what you mean but i am not so much of a makeup person, your hair is simple,there are so many things you could do to make it right. start going to the local hair stores and buy lots of clips and scrunches, that way when you get tired of wearing it down and you get tired of it being solong you can style it up in a clip have some out in your face and thats one of the easy ways you can also get a simple hair book with styles that wont take long and believe me youll love the outcome, i am the total opposite from u i have long straight hair and im short, i use the hair things that u would usually see in a chineses movie that look like u put 2 chop sticks in each side with some hair hanging out and that looks really cute, as for the makeup i dont think it makes u pretty maybe a little lip gloss and eye liner . if you choose to wear it than dont overdoo it and use colors that match your skin complection

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    First of all, be aware you are really pretty. You need to really believe this. I look similar to you, but older. (I don't wear makeup much since my skin will break out and the natural look was the style at the time I was a teen.)

    You can take the time and wash, condition and treat your hair with a no-frizz product, then dry it, or you could try braids, like a French braid, a ponytail, a bun, or leave it down.

    With fair skin, a little coral blush may help. Depending on your eye color, you want the opposite color. Brown for blue eyes, purple for green eyes, blue for brown eyes. (Not too heavy.)

    Pink lips tend to work.

    Read the other answers, and check out What Not To Wear, Carmandi has some good ideas with makeup.

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    I think people that are true to themselves – who don't try to make their hair or face be something other than what it is – are very beautiful. You're very fortunate to be tall and have curly hair. I would use as little makeup as possible if any, and a kind from the health food store that's nontoxic. It's important to use colors that compliment your skin color. Some pale colored people look good in darker colors. But, if they have a yellow or olive tint to their skin, they may look good with coral, orange or red hues. In my experience, it's best to use colors that you enjoy the feel of. Quality clothing is good. Being clean and well combed with ironed clothes that are nice is very appealing also.

    I met this girl while I was going to school a few years ago. And, I thought she was very beautiful. But, she would wear her curly hair in a bandanna (which I didn't think looked bad.) But, when she came to school dressed up a few times, she had straitened her hair. I thought she was expressing insecurity by desecrating her precious qualities. So, it was sad to look at her. I thought this was tragic and aweful! There's a picture of her in the "Pretty People" album on my page. As an artist, I think she's gorgeous in that picture. But, it's more casual. I pray that you honor and be true to yourself.

    Best Wishes,


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  • the hair: try a Gibson tuck. Wash and dry your hair, then pull your hair up into a (very) loose ponytail, leaving a few curl out to frame the fac. Separate the hair above your ponytail into a pouch (like you were doing an inside-out ponytail) but leave the hair underneath as it is. Tuck your ponytail into the pouch as much as you can, maybe leave a few curls out to cover the ponytail holder, then add a decorative comb or clip. Here's a pic: http://www.longlocks.com/elegantgibson.gif

    Natural, sweet makeup will be best, like this: http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/templates/looks...

    The Bobbi Brown website is awesome, it has step-by-step application guides and tips for what colors to wear.


  • Well, first of all, do you WANT to wear makeup? Or do you just feel like you have to?

    For your long curly hair, you don't neccesarily have to put it in a 'style.' Letting it all down can also be really pretty, as long as you know how to control it. As someone with long curly hair myself, there are two products that I swear by:

    1. Kiehl's Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream

    You don't actually have to use this product as a straightening aid. I just use it to control and calm down the frizzies on my curls.


    2. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shaping Spray Gel

    This shapes your curls and keeps them from flattening out and looking limp.


    For makeup, I really reccomend using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, which you can find in any drugstore. If you're looking for a really natural look, you might want to mix it with some moisturizer.


    As far as eye makeup goes, I'm in LOVE with Stila Convertible Eye Color. Here's a link, they explain it so much better than I could. But if you're looking for the perfect smoky eye, go for this.


    As far as dressing goes, just follow your personal style. I LOVE Forever 21 clothes, but that's just me.

    Good luck!!!

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    either straightin ur hair and put in a cute headband or leave it down, or leave ur hair nautrally down with half up, to keep a nice nautrally look add a light shade of purple from the eyelash, then mix in darker shades of purple up the crease of the eye, maybe a bit further, dont 4get the foudation! and a bit of lip gloss. hope this helps!

    Source(s): go to ur mall and go to the makup section and ask them to try this or let them try some cute looks on u
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    go to the salon and get a updo with curls and for makeup try foundation and lipstick!! Put some gold hoops on and some necklaces!! wear some heels and a babyphat outfit like a pair of tight jeans and a halter top!!

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    I could make you pretty, but it's ultimately a trial and error thing. You'd have to note me your picture and it would take about 6 months. But I'm certain I could find a look for yah.

    Let me know if you're interested. I like working with taller females.

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    you already sound pretty to me!

    Just get your hair done, and put on some lipstick! Get your mom to do your eye makeup if you don't know how!

    Wear a nice dress and shoes!

    All set!

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