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Do you think that it's almost NECESSARY to give Liberals.. ... . .?

a DICTIONARY for Christmas ??

Must we 'dumb-down' our questions to 'help nurture' their ability to answer questions ?

This is ridiculous, and you foolish, yet 'intelligent' liberals NEVER chastise your own brethren for a lack of understanding, whenever a so-called 'big word' is misconstrued or discombobulated !!!


Or am I too FACETIOUS ???



Update 2:

Some polisci major ? * - NEED A LINK ???

Look directly above your answer.. .... .mmmmmmk !!!!

Update 3:

Arcaemous * - Inciting others to file false abuse reports will get YOU suspended.. . . . . Once more and consider yourself REPORTED.. .. .. and I don't use the 'traditional means' !! Got it ??

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    Hmmm. "Misconstrued". "Discombobulated". "Facetious". Looks like you've found the SAT words of the day. Congratulations!

    As a liberal (and a former English major) I would never come out and question the intelligence or spelling ability of all conservatives. It is rude and nasty, to put it simply, and a moot point. If you would like to have a debate based on political merit please

    do not judge an entire faction of people as being "dumb". You are making yourself seem dumber in the eyes of all sides.

    Now, for problems in your question:

    1. You begin by using 'they and their' and then suddenly switch over to a specified 'you' ("and you foolish"). It is gramatically incorrect.

    2. A misconstrued word does not define a 'lack of understanding'. Many people, of all factions of life (yes, even politically!) have difficulty spelling and may use a word incorrectly. I have certainly been guilty of this in my life. I sure don't feel 'dumb' for making an honest mistake, however.

    3. "This is ridiculous, and you foolish, yet 'intelligent' liberals NEVER chastise your own brethren for a lack of understanding, whenever a so-called 'big word' is misconstrued or discombobulated !!!" is a run-on sentence that is completely discombobulated in its word usage. Don't assume to know what liberals or conservatives feel about those in political or moral agreement with them.

    4. The term "brethren" is used painfully here. If you are construing it as meaning "fellow members" and not "brothers", you need to specify the organization in which you feel all liberals are party to. Democrats? OK. I do not judge all of my friends for having conservative or liberal viewpoints. We educate one another.

    5. There is no space between the end of a word and a period. Same goes for the question mark and exclamation mark. I do not think this makes you 'dumb'. I think you have made an honest mistake and now you know differently for the future.

    6. The term "facetious" would imply you are being amusing and lacking serious intent. This is a falsehood. There is nothing amusing or ironic in your question at all. It is nothing more than a presumptuous judgement made by someone with no valid points to back up his arguments.

    Liberal, conservative, it doesn't matter. Presuming to know the thoughts of an entire group of people is ridiculous. As others here have pointed out, your comment comes across as far more fascist than facetious.

    To oogabooga - Wow. "She will help those starving little ***** babies in Africa." Your use of the term "*****" in the context of your response makes you come across as racist. Do you know adoption policies in America? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to adopt in this country? Are only American babies deserving of adoption? Of course I concern myself with human rights. To judge a woman for adopting in Africa and Cambodia by claiming she "doesn't like little black babies here" is an exercise in ignorance that demonstrates an intolerant view toward not just liberals but all races, creeds and political parties other than your own. Please, understand adoption in the U.S. prior to spewing your views.

    Oh, and "raises money for aides"? It's AIDS, an acronym for auto-immune deficiency disorder. As millions of people across the world (and here in America) are dying from this terrible disease, do you really find it unnecessary others raise money to find a cure? Would you say the same of cancer? Do not presume, either, that all Muslims are terrorists, just as I do not presume all other religions with books condoning the judgement/murder of those unlike themselves foster terrorists. Compassion has absolutely nothing to do with your argument.

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    What will we come up with next to bash liberals who for one reason or another do not use the spell check provided .As if Check spelling was not already an option on here you want to provide at tax payer expense a dictionary to sit around Un-used by liberals who could care less about your grammatical critique when the message is over-looked in the first place . I like to mis-spell words and place errors in the answer just to give you something to complain about .Not to treat your question waggishly , but picking on liberals must be getting old by now .

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    I don't think you're using "facetious" in the right context. It means (at least according to

    1.not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.

    2.amusing; humorous.

    3.lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person.

    I actually would like a dictionary for christmas, a big thick one. :D

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    hey now!!! I'm technically Liberal, and I know all those words, lol. However, I am only liberal in the socio-economic sense. I believe in the war, the military, anti abortion, and I believe death row inmates should be on a conveyor belt. As for chastising of the other liberals, I will do that to anybody who deserves it, lol. You can't group us all together. Most of the "liberals" on here, are either too young to be on here unsupervised or they are the insansely stupid , who think its ok to let your kid smoke, drink and have sex. You can't use Y!A as a resource thats for sure.

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    No I think you really do believe what you are saying although if you think it through, the smarter choice would be helping your fellow man instead of "chastising" him for a lack of education.

    I think you might need anger management classes.

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    I love the Christmas season where everyone tries as hard to demonstrate peace & good will to all! I have a feeling that it will continue...

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    I have worked with with us government and un for many years.

    I have not met a liberal yet who will answer a question, offer a solution and will stop using the lines ' Oh he is so compassionate", " she will help those starving little ***** babies in africa" , "oh , he raises money for aides" or how about this one..."Oh angelina is over in africa adopting those poor little babies"..if she was so nice and loving, why isn't she adopting little black babies here? are they not good enough for her...Liberals are so stupid! They are all so worried about human rights and the rights of those terrorrists in jail and abu ghraib that if this country were taken over by islam...the liberals would be the first to die ....islam is a very narrow minded religion...that would track down the ACLU when arabs were told they had to take down the Koran public....and cut their skinny little throats...what morons

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    I feel really sorry for you. You seem to have such a hollow meaningless existence. It really is pathetic to see someone so lonely trying desperately to get attention.

    I hope you get the attention you need and deserve soon.

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    you know, looking up 2 words a day doesn't make you intelligent.. nor does using them in a sentence.. if you were half as intelligent as you claimed to be you would find ways to better communicate with people.. trying to flaunt words proves that you are intimidated and need to limit your conversation so as to avoid rational thought... but yes, i don't take you very seriously but i think you take yourself too seriously sometimes.

    Source(s): me: IQ 165 and here to have fun.
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    no they wouldnt read it anyway.

    but in defence of all Im a conservative and I probubly have more misspellings than anyone else on here, the only reason being I really dont give a damn

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