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Messaging In Bluetoothe.......??????

when some1 sends u a bluetoothe message at ur cellphone

is it possible that the person will know ur cell phone number?


I knoe he cant see ur number...but is there a way he can?

Update 2:

I know he cant see ur number...but is there a way he can?

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    No way ...

    Believe me on this one ... I work for a telecom service provider ... Bluetooth cannot reveal your phone number!

    There is a technical explanation for that ... maybe I'll explain that later. ... You're safe!

    EDIT: The explanation: The SIM card does not have the phone number hard coded on it; the GSM technology is designed to operate on a different kind of numbering scheme called - IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identification ... that is what is hard coded on the SIM card ... which also cannot be detected by Bluetooth! If anybody found your IMSI number, they still can't do anything, since your cellular service provider maintains another level of security! However, it is recommended to switch on Bluetooth only when needed, for two reasons, first it consumes battery power and second, a hacker/cracker can get control of your phone and damage it, however that is difficult if bluetooth authentication is enabled.

    Sorry, I bored you ... but it was necessary to make you feel safe and trust the GSM technology!

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    I do not know a thing about Bluetooth but I know how to point my mouse to the upper right corner of the answer or question box and click on spell check and I hate HATE when people substitute 1 for one or u for you or 4 for for etc. something about it just bothers me. Good Luck

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