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I have a question ,and need advice...?

I cant stop dealing with the fact of divorce anyone wha can help HURRY , cause it is effecting me horribly...

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    Seek counsloing not yahoo answers.

    how is it affecting you?

    more info

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    The risk of divorce is always there. Marriage is a legal contract between two people to fulfill certain promises. When one or the other breaks those promises, divorce is the remedy. Marriage should not be entered into lightly or frivolously. Choose your partner carefully, present yourself honestly, and listen to the promises you are about to make and have the commitment to stick to them. Marriage is not something you should fear. It is an honorable contract between two honest people. Just make sure your partner is the person he professes to be and is as committed to keeping the marriage vows as are you. The reason for the engagement period is to discuss and work out scenarios and plans to handle the future whether it brings you fortune or adversity. A solid friendship is at the basis of all good long term marriages. Sex is an extension of the communication of love and friendship, not the foundation for it.

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    You might try joining a group like parent without partners or something like that or just a group like a church group or join one that is in your interests. Getting out the talking is a good way to deal with it and makes meeting friends or others possible.

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    That is a hard one. If you know you have done your best and it still didn't work, let yourself free from the pain by saying it is OK! And life will certainly go on. I was not even married to my first, and it took me two years to kick him out of my head completely, or should I say my heart. For some of us it just takes longer.... Understand it is really gonna be OK! ♥

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    I get impatient too. So this is what I tell myself." It took me (X) number of years to get myself into this mess, so why do I expect to be able to unravel it all overnight?"

    When I say that, I remind myself that I need to be patient & give myself time to sort things out.

    Hope that helps!

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    ya i hate it to but it a fact and nothing can change it but you get rmarried so don;t worrry be a good wife and that might never come lol

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    Who's getting divorced? You or someone close to you?

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    Have you tried marriage couseling or family therapy? maybe you should look into that, and Jesus is always very comforting, I might add :)

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    Jesus can heal you, if you give it all to him. Look for him, get to know him. He loves you more than your ex does..

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    it can happen to the best of people

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