What to get a 1yr old boy for Christmas?

I need a few ideas on what to get for my Godson for Christmas. His birthday was just about a month ago and I got him a ton of toys and stuff, but I don't know what I should do now. I'm not sold on the clothes idea because he'll outgrow them so fast, and I started a savings bond for him when he was born, so I'm all out of ideas.



Does anyone have any recommendations for the Baby Einstein stuff? I did get him that last year and it played music and kept him occupied for hours...somehow. Are there sites or should I use eBay?

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    Our son LOVED his Discovery Table ... Costco $30 ... still plays with it (will be 2 in Jan).

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    Get the peek and play discovery zone, or that zebra rocking horse thing (I can't remember the name but it's on sale at walmart for 38 dollars) I have daughter that is 9 months and those are some things that we got her. We also got her the winnie the pooh bedtime bathtime set. They say that it's for 2 year olds but if you look at it, a one year old would love it to death. You connect it to the side of the tub and it blows bubbles and has a whole bunch of connecting toys with it. I know that you don't want to get clothes because they do outgrow them, but I would still suggest it, get them in bigger sizes, get some 18 month clothes and 24 month clothes. That way, they'll last longer.

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    At about 10 months my daughter really got into books with cardboard pages (board books) and simple pictures of anything. She'd spend hours staring at the objects on the page or pointing from picture to picture having you say what the things were. Eventually she was telling us what the things were. She will be 3 in a few days, and she is still into those books...we can't have too many of them.

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    Blocks are a really good choice. Bath-time books. Use them anytime. They cannot be destroyed with baby chewing or tearing.

    My daughter got the Fisher Price Learning Home for her first Christmas and loved it. At 2 she still plays with it, but she is more interested in her kitchen.

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    I agree with the idea of books. With TV and Video Games these days, a child needs to learn the importance and joy of reading! www.EnjoyBooksTogether.com is a great site to find awsome books for his age. They're special books that were invented in London by a man who wanted to make reading fun for his children.

    Good Luck!

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    My son wanted nothing to do with his presents for christmas.....I recommend shiny wrapping paper, a big box, and bows. The baby einstein videos are great. my son has neptune, mozart, wordsworth, and the farm animal one. They kept both him and my 5 year old autistic stepson occupied!

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    You could get him a Christmas ball that says Godson on it, A photo of you and him on a sweatshirt - matching one for both of you. A big puzzle of the two of you together.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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    How about books? Anything Baby Einstein is good too. If he's anything like my daughter though, he'll be more interested in the wrapping paper ;)

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    You can always get more savings bonds. Clothes are good, wether they grow out of them or not they still need them, how about some warm wintery clothing, or you could get BOOKS!

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    Baby Einstein videos and books are great. My 19mo son loves them!

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