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Why do feminists distort domestic violence?

Is it because they need the population to think that men all men are capable of being batterers or are batterers so that they can promote their anti-male agendas?


Wendy: Yes in a perfect world it would be as the law states however I have experienced first hand this discrimination and I am not violent or abusive. The fact that she made a claim a year and a half ago held much weigh to which I still feel the effects today. This law is extremely biased and it promotes discrimination against men. Why is else would it be that women use restraining orders so loosely and get them granted? Could the magority of men in these cases be bad or violent? The answer is no.

Update 2:

Celery: I do have a daguther and I am sensative to the social inequalities women face. I think it's BS that ignorant men beat their wives or belittle them. My personal experience has been the opposite. I was not physically abused but emotionally and psychologically by my former spouse. And all I know is from personal experience. I filed for divorce and before I knew it I was hit with a R.O. to stay away from my child and my house, and on what facts was this possible? None. it required no evidence at all, just for her to say it. I found out that the Violence Against women Act, which was put forth by feminists, allowed her to do this. Then I learned that it is a common tactic for women in divorce. Then I learned that this happens to millions of fathers and children everyday. I do have a daughter and I do fear that she will fall victim to abuse, but since her mother tried to take her away how can I protect her. I fear abuse from her mom too, but the courts seemed to ignore it

Update 3:

Look at what this man had to do to just see his daughter:

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    Wow, ...not a feminist here, but unless you have some specifics its pretty hard to say what is or isn't distortion. The reality of domestic violence is harsh, and alot of ppl have differing veiws on what constitutes abuse. Fact is, reality is stranger than fiction and the "numbers" probably don't come close to reflecting how much domestic abuse is really going on right now. It really is a silent disease, with most of it's victims to scared or embarrased to speak up. If you have issue with Feminism, and what their agenda truly is, why don't you get to know some? I don't doubt there are 'man haters' in the feminist groups, but lets not paint everyone with the same tar and feathers. I hate that there are women out there who take advantage of the legal system to punish guys etc, things need to change for sure! But we need to protect the women in our lives from this and not make it harder for them to report abuse.

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    The really frightening thing is the total clamp on women's violence to men. Erin Pizzy who started the women's refuges in the UK has tried to speak out many times for the battered men in the UK and been shouted down. She is surely just about the most expert anyone can be in the world on domestic violence!!!

    It is a sad fact that when women become violent they are usually far more violent than men. There are a number of battered men refuges in the UK and there is a need for more.

    If you think about it - it is easy for a woman to say she has been abused as a defenceless female and almost impossible for a man to admit a woman has repeatedly beaten him!

    I do hope that reality will come in very quickly and the subject becomes open and honest. Rape is almost impossible to get a conviction for in the UK nowadays mainly due to the fact that the law and it's procedures are seen as so biased towards women that juries do not feel it safe to convict!

    The law should be open, non biased and honest. Domestic violence is totally unacceptable from either sex.

    The UK law now appears to be actually in contempt of itself and breaking it's own sex discrimination laws!

    Sadly though in answer to your question it is mainly men who are promoting the idea that all men are wife abusers and refusing to admit that violence also flows the other way.

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    Not sure how you can "distort" domestic violence?

    Surely it's very nature speaks for itself and is it's own advertisment for the most dispicable thing ANY human being can do to another.

    And that's not limited to abusive men. Believe it or not feminists do not condone abusive women either!

    I do want to add though that in my experience it does work both ways. I know someone who's daughters WERE being sexually abused by their father. Yet the judge ORDERD the mother to let the daughters see their father. THis person I know was absolutely devestated. So, no the law does NOT always work in favour of the mother.

    And in another case of domestic violence (the mother was kicked to within an inch of her life IN FRONT of the kids (who just sat their eating their dinner as if it was the most natural thing in the world) the police can't file charges against him. well they can, but it runs out after 6 months. So they have charged him with "criminal damage" for breaking a few glasses, as that will remain until he is caught. (he has gone on the run) Stupid or what? I wonder how the judge will deal with that one? Probably laugh it out of court.

    So, no the law is NOT in favour of women in these situations, in fact from what I have seen quite the opposite.

    And while I am on rant mode...did you know that in this country (britain) that most GP's, when faced with a woman in their surgery who tells them they are in abusive relationships will be ofered Anti depressants!!! because obviously that's what a woman needs, she's being beat the cr@p out of or spycologically abused so we'll palm her off with anti d's. No other help (although I am aware that that is changing)

    Not sure what message that sends, that she is being abused because she is depressed, or that there is noting anyone is willing to do so have some happy pills, it'l make you feel better?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Your websites are just opinion forums (and some are anti-feminist, so they stand to gain something by falsely accusing feminist), and cannot be cited as authentic primary sources...they are just someone's OPINION of the law in question. Yet, if you read between the lines of this anti-feminist propaganda, you will see that these laws are necessary, and in no way put men at greater risk for arrest and conviction of crimes they didn't commit. I went on-line to find the ACTUAL LAW this article talks about, and nowhere in it does it state that MEN should be presumed the "aggressor." The law states that officers should make an attempt to determine the "primary aggressor" and implies that this could be a male OR A FEMALE. It in no way implies the "presumed guilt" of the male party.The wording is gender neutral. Also, according to the law, if BOTH parties are found to be the aggressors, BOTH are arrested, or protection orders are given for BOTH. The law DOES encourage arrest, IF "protection" is warranted, as the law states the officer "shall consider the intent of the law to protect." This law is beneficial for ANY victim of domestic violence, male or female, in that it "encourages" the law and law enforcement to take domestic violence seriously, and prevent further harm. It is not the position of feminists (who you presume, without really knowing, to the be the driving force behind these laws--I see no evidence for this) to try to vilify all men and make "the population" believe they are all batterers. In fact, their "agenda" is NOT "anti-male" just pro-woman, one is not implicit to the other. I suggest you do some research on what feminism REALLY is, and be wary of allowing your opinions to be formed solely on the opinions of others.

    EDIT--Random, it is my opinion that it is our SOCIETY that holds this bias against men, NOT the law. Again, read the law itself and you will see there is no bias inherent in the wording. Men and women are EQUAL under the wording of this law. However, I DO recognize that there are biases against men in the domestic violence realm, not necessarily in the laws that protect ALL domestic violence victims, but in social attitudes. Men are still seen as the stronger of the sex, (and indeed, generally, they are) so it's SOMETIMES assumed that the man is the aggressor, but, again, the LAW does not facilitate this. We, as a society, should work on destroying these social biases, but I don't think abolishing the law is the right answer. Perhaps instituting laws that PROSECUTE those that make false claims, (if evidence is found in favor of the defendant) to deter the misuse of this law. The law is necessary, because, in the past, officers would show up to a reported DV case, tell everyone to settle down (or sober up) and leave, leaving the victim to suffer further retaliation from an abuser who was REALLY mad now! As for restraining orders, from what I've read of it, one still needs to present EVIDENCE to get one (bruises, eye witnesses, recorded THREATS, NOT just verbal assault, etc.) And, yes, it IS easier to get them (meaning the waiting period is much shorter) but, sadly, the reason for this is that so many victims of abuse or stalking, seeking restraining orders, DIED at the hands of the very people they were seeking protection from, while the order was still being "processed". This is FACT. Yes, there does need to be more balance, but removing the laws that are there to protect people is not the answer. I'm sorry this happened to you, and it really isn't fair, but "feminists" didn't do it, neither did the law...she did...and "she" is not representative of all of us.

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    I think most people assume that there are a bunch of violent men out there who decide to beat on a woman for the hell of it. And its hardly ever mentioned that alot of these women (not all) start these brawls with the men in their lives, and have the attitude like "the cops wont believe you over me". So these women get to get away with beating on their men, and they use the children as a pawn in these situations with threats like "you wont see the kids ever again if i say you hit me". Then there are the women who wont allow the men in the lives to leave so they threaten to claim abuse. There is way too much of that going on. Way too many women willing to stay in these relationships with so called abusers, when in actuality they like drama and start most of it themselves. I have no respect for those women and they make a bad name for the women who are REALLY being abused.

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    Hypocrisy. Even people who've a solid reason are at times hypocrites. it particularly is an ingredient element, yet one ought to think relating to the means for many women to harm maximum adult adult males, whilst evaluating the fees of occurrence of violence around the sexes. maximum women could be extremely subdued by using maximum adult adult males -- properly, if the adult adult males weren't having to fret approximately having the tables grew to become on them... besides, that's, i think of, why maximum feminists make a miles better deal approximately violence against women by using adult adult males, than any different way around. purely by using fact it particularly is intuitively plenty greater threatening. i'm a feminist myself and that i trust you that one in each and every of those subject is a concern. It annoys me by using fact it provides feminism a undesirable call.

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    You are buying into misogynist propaganda. If anything the statistics behind spousal abuse are inaccurate because a large percentage of these crimes (and believe it or not that is what they are) are never reported. A man who batters a woman does so in such an insidious way that it also erodes much of her self esteem and she is brainwashed into believing this is what she deserves. You Sir, need to take off your blinders and recognize assault and femicide as a rampant problem in North America.

  • I am not a big fan of feminists. But I see more domestic violence toward woman then man. I know it is not all men do it. i also know more and more domestic violence is being done by women. So I think they just really hate men.

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    Random Average Joe?

    That sounds... like a wife-beater's name!

    Just kidding - their target audience with this kind of stuff is women, particularly women who are in abusive situations. The point is not to make them suspicious of wonderful men. Abusive relationships involve someone who is being abusive and someone who is TAKING it. It is usually a choice to stay. This kind of media is to get those women to choose to leave their situation.

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    They don't. Most victims of domestic violence are women, most offenders are men. These are the facts. The Simpson case, mentioned in the links you published here, is a particulary horrible example. Befriend yourself with reality.

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