what is a good business or what type of business is needed in Greeley, Colorado?

Greeley is a small town and there is not very good or well paying jobs oppertunity her. I would like to start a small bussiness here but I would like some feed back on differents types of business and how to start one.

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    what i would suggest to you is to do a survey of the place where u stay in,Greeley.

    Look for at what the people there spend on mostly,including both teenagers and adults.Through that you will be able to find out what the demand is of after all.Than where you think you could do more business in,that is that particualr field of business than you can go for it,And dont forget to get the things a bit fancied up,cause that acts like that light which attracts insects,but here it will attract you customers.

    And if you are interested in import and export,That will also be a good idea.Find out where those goods of demand will be available cheaper in the world,And than import it from there.

    If u want anything imported from india contact me on cool_guy3000@yahoo.com as i stay here.You can get a lot of stuff here which will cost very less compared to the western countries.

  • milak
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    4 years ago

    i think of this way of organisation you may desire to look into with small capital is a house based organisation. there is various industries to look into for a house based organisation to initiate by utilising taking part with a larger corporation and working yours out of your residing house. What are your hobbies? I advise you study a e book referred to as wealthy Dad undesirable Dad. it provides you with various awareness on residing house based companies. there is likewise various diverse articles in diverse magazines Like u . s . in the present day, fulfillment, Fortune and so on that have various awareness on residing house based organisation opportunities.

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    I currently work from my home with a legal company and I help people improve their health. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this same thing or would like to make a legal 6-7 figure income from home without jeopordizing what they are currently doing Please email me at


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    Consider working from home. Check it out:


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    Check out this site www.carlshealthhelp.com/biz

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